Oh CH where art thou?

@dan I’m really curious about this contest:

I usually just patiently wait to see if the CH is going to pick or not but I’m chompin’ at the bit on this one! I can’t take it anymore LOL

I know the CH said they would need a few days to decide but it’s been 6 days since they were last active.

I’m just curious if they’ve been in contact, are they still engaged? I’d be really bummed to see this one chosen by the current selection process :frowning:

Not that me inquiring is gonna change that…but like I said, I’m chompin’ at the bit :slight_smile:


Unfortunately we do not provide updates on specific contests in the forum. If there is any major update, we would post it in contest comment section.

Also, I would like to point out, that the contests which have a Non Disclosure Agreement should not be discussed in the public forum.

Seemed harmless…sorry bout that :slight_smile: