Offer Center Experience (not good)

I received several offers in the past, and my experience was not good, the mechanism and the interface are not well made.

From my side as a seller here is my experience:

  1. When buyer makes an offer I can’t counter, I can only reject then send a new offer.
  2. When the buyer sends his new offer I cannot accept directly because the accept button doesn’t show, I have to send a new offer matching the buyer’s offer and tell him that offer was accepted.

From buyer side I tested by making a fake offer to one of my domains and here what I noticed:

  1. First email from SH about my offer went to junk. This email is important because it contains the link to the buyer’s offer center.
  2. When the seller rejects the buyer receives an email saying “domain… offer rejected” in 1 short line, there is no encouragement to make a counteroffer or any link to the offer center.
  3. When the seller sends a new offer the buyer only sees a purchase link, without ability to accept/reject/counter. Buyer can only send a new offer.

It is a complex and non user-friendly mechanism, we need a very simple offer interface with simple offer / counter-offer mechanism. Here is an example from a very simple and clean offer interface:


Thank you for pointing this out!


@grant do you have any plans to implement counter-offer mechanism?

I prefer to enable make offer in my WLM domains but I switched to just BIN for the time being, because current offer mechanism is in my opinion not ideal and leads to missing selling chances (which happened to me several times using SH WLM).