Number Submissions?


Did you guys change the number of submissions one can have? I’m only allowed 15 submission instead of the 30

Think that prob changed since resetting the pie %,

@LauraE, we have corrected the high rated % to now include withdrawn entries as well. Some users never withdraw their entries, while others withdraw most of their low rated entries. The earlier logic ended up increasing the high rated % significantly for those users who withdraw most of their low rated entries. The new logic makes this metric uniform across all contestants, which is how it was originally intended.


@Dan could you please clarify the link between our stats and the number of entries we are allowed to submit (for example 50% - 40 entries, 40% - 30 entries etc.)?

@EliCreative, please read this article for explanation:

Oh, great, thanks! I somehow managed to miss it before :slight_smile:

@Dan As a new user I have the disadvantage of not being able to message CH , would you please tell me when this will be possible.
Contacting CH will definitely help my suggestions.

I don’t think we are allowed to contact the CH to discuss our submissions with them since SH has provided the comments box on every entry to allow you to explain the meaning behind your submitted name.
If the CH contacts you with a question or further direction, then that is ok.

If you mean contacting them to ask a question thru the message board, I think you have to win 1 contest to do that.

If it is permissible by SH, can you message another creative and have them ask the question on the message board for you? I wouldn’t have a problem with that if the ? doesn’t violate SH rules.

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@Demiurge One needs to reach 500 points to be able to comment through a public contest comments section (AFAIK)


@Annie @Vision yes I meant as to ask questions and not email CH , it’s just my comments never seem to get answers , so I’m going with the 500point answer. Not that I don’t appreciate your answer Annie it’s because you said ‘I think’ whereas Vison’s answer was more confident. Regarding your message thru me comment it’s a offer I may take you up on thank you :slight_smile:

Had to search TTBOMK must be getting old


No worries, SH probably changed it and Vision’s answer may be the one …Back when I started, you had to win one :slight_smile:

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The acronym for “To The Best Of My Knowledge”
TTBOMK, you’re psycho.

Not my words courtesy of Urban Dictionary hahaha :joy::joy::joy:

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Now I’m not sure at all maybe SH are reviewing that too :innocent: @Dan theman please Help

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@Demiurge, you need a minimum of 400 points, or atleast 1 contest win to be able to submit comments.

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@dan thank you, so @annie thank for your answer it was correct @vision you too correct, but off on your numbers. Any way thanks both for helping :+1:

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@Demiurge, In my answer I was careful not to mention minimum ,therefore, my response was valid/correct as well :slight_smile:

@vision sarcastic semantics.
Me likey, couldn’t find a green smiley so this tennis ball will have to do :tennis:

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