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‘‘The sky is blue’’
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You know what, Porti, since I cannot explain this to you, and it is not transparent enough from Squadhelp itself, then I am mentioning @Grant to explain it to you. If he does not respond, and SH cannot give you an exact explanation of this, then yes, they are not doing something right. Otherwise, you know what else? I answer questions here in the forum and honestly, (as friends have told me over and over), I have no idea why I bother!!! Every single time I try to help answer a question, I get what you gave me. So, let SH answer your question. And honestly, this tears it for me. I’ve had enough. Being supportive here only leads to nastiness.


I appreciate your input, but you’re basically posting empty words that hold no value to me.
You keep barfing out the same generic messages while ignoring my own messages.
Tell me why my statistics are wrong, I’ll give you the benefit of doubt.

Every single time I try to help answer a question, I get what you gave me.

You didn’t try and help anything. You came into this telling me I was wrong, while being adamant about explaining it to me. Congrats, you wasted both your time and mine’s.

According to SH’s explanation of the algorithm, you’re dead wrong in your assumptions. Proceed telling me my views are wrong. I call that procrastination.

Being supportive here only leads to nastiness.

I don’t need support, I need explanations.

Hopefully Grant will be of actual service.

This message got flagged. I’m not gonna change anything about it since it has no reason to get flagged besides emotional drivel.
Flag it again so that actual help will reach me directly with a proper explanation as to why I’ve been flagged.


I would like to remind everyone about the forum posting policy. While we encourage healthy debate on issues, and we welcome feedback regarding SH platform (positive or negative), we do not allow any messages that might be construed as attacks on other creatives.

Regarding the Percentile ranking algorithm , this algorithm has been built and refined over last several years. It is not perfect, and we continue to look for opportunities to improve it. Having said that, the percentile scoring is a critical aspect of what makes our platform successful. We do not intend to reveal the exact algorithm for two reasons:

a) Once creatives know exactly how this calculation works, it is possible that some creatives will find a way to game the algorithm.
b) This algorithm is one of the few aspects that differentiates us from other platforms, and we do not intend to disclose the exact algorithm for competitive reasons.

Broadly, there are several factors that determines someone’s percentile rank, and as long as you continue to submit thoughtful submissions that align with contest holder’s brief, you will likely achieve a high percentile score. One major aspect that can impact your percentile score is how many times you were blocked from contests by CH (in comparison to other creatives). If you have been blocked an excessive number of times within a short period, it is likely that you will see a significant drop in your percentile rank. ,Some creatives have shared feedback that the algorithm is too aggressive in dropping the percentile rank once they have been blocked from few contests. We have been studying this closely, and may make changes in the near future if we determine that the algorithm needs further adjustments.


It seems to me that it would be right to make a certain “threshold” for blocking authors from participating in the competition. For example, a customer can block a creator only after he has made at least ten inappropriate entries. Extremely unpleasant are the cases when the bolting occurs already in the 4th-5th variant. I think this is the case when the so-called “human factor” plays a role - for example, the customer is annoyed or not in the mood, wants to get a bunch of “thought diamonds” in the first half hour, etc. If the percentile suffers precisely for this reason, it is completely unfair to the creative.


Thank you for a good explanation Grant @grant, that was informative.

@Edukar , I’m still intrigued at your mentioning you believe in a flat earth. That would be a fun discussion :wink: That could throw my whole earth naming way off ( keeping things light ) :sunflower:


Ok, Lori, that was funny! :rofl:


So you know, I didn’t flag it.



Thanks for your feedback. The drop in percentile score occurs if the number of blocks received by a specific creative are significantly higher than their peers in the same time frame. Our algorithm is designed to minimize any “false positives” by evaluating the data across a large pool of contests and comparing the ratios to a large pool of creatives. However we will continue to review the data and make updates to our algorithm as needed.


Ok. I’m gonna add my two cents worth with a question.
Do you have true statistics if your not here for six months and the algorithm is based on the last six months? I myself don’t know, but I’m curious.


I do not impose my opinion on anyone, but I judge from my own experience. What you probably don’t know is that all of NASA’s photos were taken with fisheye technology. I began to suspect that not everything in the world happens as they say. I flew on a civil aircraft at an altitude of 9 km, on military aircraft at an altitude of 25 km, but I’ve never seen the Earth is round. I saw only an infinitely flat plain. I understand that this is a short distance and I need to climb 400 km to assess the scale. But there are a number of other circumstantial evidence. When i was an officer, I never considered the curvature of the Earth when I designed the missile launch routes. It simply does not exist in any textbook, in any reference book. You can ask any gunner: 0)
PS I will not discuss this issue. There are many views, beliefs and concepts in the world. Everyone chooses what to believe


I believe you have a fascinating way of viewing the earth and I appreciate that. Dad was a pilot and flew jets, my nephew works at NASA and was in charge of the return landing of SpaceX Dragon. I watched the whole thing, was just amazing. I am a huge lover of all things space and planets. Thanks for your insight!


Believe me, I also love all these things! And I believe in the existence of space and planets. When I write that the Earth is flat, this does not mean that it is located on three whales or turtles, as they thought in antiquity: 0) This means that it looks like a pancake or something else that they don’t talk about. And that means there is another side of the Earth with other continents that are beyond Antarctica. Since childhood, we dream of knowing other planets, but we know very little about our Earth.


‘‘This kind of drop is only possible if you are receiving a significant number of blocks from Contest Holders’’ - @grant

I’ve been blocked 2 times that I’m aware of.

On @Marvon7 's post (regarding my same issue):

'‘We have looked into the situation. There are quite a few blocks tracked on your account. You can contact the customer support team directly if you’d like to learn more about the specific numbers.’ - grant

I tried to reach out to customer support to learn about the specific number of blocks, to no avail:

‘’ Unfortunately, we do not have that information on our end.’ - Alec

Regarding the contest blocks, I submitted an entry in one of them that got immediately loved and shortlisted, so surely the benefit outweighs (overshadows? cancels out?) the drop in percentile? Nay

I’ve read somewhere that CHs can block users at free will, which seems silly. I’d really suggest a more hands on approach. Specifically, SH should guide CHs in a more altruistic way. A ‘‘No, thank you’’ serves the same purpose as a block, but a block actively damages creatives.

The negligence of SH is damaging to creatives, which in turn damages the platform.

To touch down on the actual specifics of how the percentile ranking system works, SH claims that the percentage is a combination of several factors: total submitted entries that were liked or loved by the CH, overall contest wins, and, how often you were removed from contests for not following the brief.

That last part is really important since it seems to state that your percentile will only be damaged if you get ‘‘removed from contests for not following the brief’’

If we establish a reality where CHs can block creatives at free will, then SH should really look into the motives of why a CH employed a block, either by directly reaching out to them (CHs) or having an auto form that pops up when you decide to block a creative, which lets CHs declare whether they blocked creatives for ‘‘not following the brief’’ or because they were simply weeding out the competition.

One of those is punishable, the other shouldn’t be. (As directly mentioned in the official article)

Besides that, I’m still in both the high ratings and the contests won leaderboard. (the latter rising from 19th to 12th, with no change to my percentile)

That was an aside, SH claims the percentile is based on several factors (percentage of entries loved/liked, contests won, and, contest blocks).

My CH ratings percentile is at 58%
My contests won percentile is at 99%

My overall percentile is at 58%.


@Porti We don’t discuss specific creative account issues in a public forum. Someone from our team will reach out to you to discuss the number of blocks on your account.

Regarding Contest blocks, when a CH attempts to block a creative, they are also required to provide a reason why a creative was blocked. Our percentile scoring algorithm takes these reasons in account.


@grant That’s exactly why I tried to obtain answers from the BB and, as I mentioned above, was told that they could not provide me an answer.
A few days ago, though, after this post, I was told that I had been blocked by a certain amount of CHs…

“(…) This represents an excessive number of blocks, which is the reason for a significant decline in your percentile rank.” - BB

I can’t remember being blocked the amount of times I was told. Actually, it is quite strange because I usually start by submitting a few ideas and I keep doing so until the contest is closing. IF I had been blocked I would have notice it, I suppose.

Regarding Contest blocks, when a CH attempts to block a creative, they are also required to provide a reason why a creative was blocked. Our percentile scoring algorithm takes these reasons in account."

If that happens, then SH is aware that I always follow the briefs. If there was a reason for blocking me, a valid one, what was it? I do not expect an answer. I do know that I always followed briefs. A CH ( one of the 3 who blocked me) blocked me after choosing my name and shortlist it… this makes a lot of sense.

Now, in these last 3 days, even though I hardly submitted any names, I had 2 or 3 shortlists. My percentile? It keeps going down :relaxed:

Oh well… how can a creative defend his/ her points if SH doesn’t give us the reasons for being blocked? CHs can do whatever they want, SH can do the same. I myself can only “accept” it as it comes, regardless of any logic.

I won’t come back here. You rule.

PS: Congrats to all my fellow creatives who, apparently, entered 0 contests and won a few ( myself included). Congrats to all the creatives who have 500.00% ( contests won vrs participated) and so on…


@Kasinsky Thank you for actually understanding the subject on my post. I, of course, agree 100% with you.
Thanks and all the best :four_leaf_clover: