Number of submissions / Percentile


I have a question regarding the amount of submissions per contest and its “co relation” to percentiles :thinking:
Knowing that our percentile score is based on several factors ( I’ve read them all by now) , including the amount of names we submit to each contest, I’d think that 80, 100 or even 200 names would lower it ( In case we are not rated with 200 “Love it” or even “Like it” 's . I’ve seen creatives submitting that amount of names to certain contests and their percentile hardly changes…e.g. A creative submits 180 names and gets 5 “high ratings”, should I deduce that the other 175 names were rated as “on right track” OR “No, thank you” 's ? I don’t think there’s anything in between, is there? :grinning:
Meanwhile, I submit 4 entries per contest ( according to SH algorithm ) and , even though I’ve been on 2 leaderboards consistently , my percentile is down to 60 % over night ( I know, I’ve posted about it already) . With all this I just want to understand a little more about it. Two creatives ( @LisaMac and @Edukar helped me in my recent post and I thank them for that.) I understand the algorithm has its own logic but, either we are teaching math to a first grader or to a master degree in Mathematics. 2 + 2 is always 4, am I wrong?
Yesterday, I had an entry shortlisted so I kept submitting names ( I submitted 25, which is something unusual ). At that time I receive a message saying that I could not submit more names. In another contest though, I could because I had a shortlist (10 more IF we get a High Rating) . I hit the blue button and I receive an answer with a screenshot of my percentile… OK, thank you but I remember it :grinning: After explaining what was happening, I am told that the issue will be communicated to the team and that I will receive an answer to my “problem” as soon as there is an “update”. In the meantime…I cannot submit names.
I really have no intentions of being a pain in the butt, but (no pun intended), it’s becoming frustrating not getting answers. I, (as probably many of you) spend hours upon hours here, but some questions remain unanswered. I wish I knew how things function.

Main takeaway from this is: Quality over quantity should benefit creatives, not hinder them. Why is the same happening to me, when the opposite (quantity over quality) doesn’t seem to affect other creatives?

Thank you. Good luck to everyone.


No one can answer, not even from SH. :grinning:
In the meantime I am down to 55 % , even though I keep getting the “rock star” messages. Hmmm… some creatives are Tier A with the exact same percentile…weird.


If their percentile is low but they are Tier A…it means they have won enough contests to gain their Tier A status. Once you get it, it’s yours. Your percentile doesn’t affect it.


PS…they have won a minimum of 20 contests


Porti, the only thing I can think of is this part of how our scores are determined: your ratings compared to other creatives. I don’t have math on how that works, I just know that it is an important part of your score. So your score can go down even if you are receiving some high ratings in contests because other creatives are doing better than you are in ratings. That is a really broad statement, I know!, but it is an important factor. I don’t know how SH looks at this exactly. But just as an example, let’s say you got 5 loves in a day, but other creatives got more or a higher percentage of loves than you did, you score could go down. Another factor is that your score only reflects the past 6 months. I you had an awesome month 7 months ago but not since then and the month turns, your score can go down because of that.


Hi, Porti. One famous historical figure said that living in a society, but not been depending of this society, is impossible. Unfortunately, you need to accept the terms of the game and continue to work. This is better than getting banned. I have several higher educations, but I am a supporter of flat earth. But I do not impose my opinion publicly on anyone. The percentile problem has existed for a long time, the algorithm has not been revealed to us. This is a given from which there is no way out. But the percentile is necessary in order to prevent a large number of entries from beginners in the contest . However, this should not be the case when contest leaders receive a low percentile. It remains either to accept the world as it is or to constantly write on the blue button until the problem is solved. Perseverance reaches the goal. Edukar


Thanks for the reply. However, it doesn’t seem like we’re on the same page.

Tier A is nor absolutist nor permanent when it comes to percentile rank.
It is permanent when you amass 20 contests won, but there’s a long road from 0 contests to 20.
Look at my case for example: I got Tier A before winning a single contest. Thus, it was based on my percentile.

Tier A works in 2 ways: You either win 20 contests, or you have a +60% percentile rank. This is how it works, you can fact check with the team (I know I have).

Main reasoning of this message is because I’ve been noticing severe discrepancies in the stats of other users. Namely users having won 5 contests total (not Tier A worthy) with a 55% percentile (also not Tier A worthy) getting to keep the Tier A ranking on their profile, and its added benefits.

If this was all based on the algorithm, then these changes would happen automatically and pronto. It seems like SH ‘‘sometimes’’ goes on random users profiles and goes ‘‘huh this user doesn’t warrant Tier A.’’ and removes it from them (or not).

The algorithm is ruined, and you can fact check that yourself. Just go open random user’s profiles, and you’ll notice several errors in their key stats. Here’s an example I found:

  • Contests Participated : 0, Contests Won : 9, Entries Submitted : 4640
    (This user seems to passively participate in contests, in that he doesn’t even need to enter them to win.)

Since it’s against SH policy to mention users, I’ll refrain from doing so. However, I’ve compiled a list of screenshots of errors I’ve found that showcase that the algorithm is up to no good.
I’ve messaged the screenshots to SH, and I get the same copy paste generic answer every time.

It borders on arrogance to be presented with errors in your own company, and try and brush things under the rug.

P.S.: If SH reads this and allows me to post the screenshots, I’ll gladly do so. I’m all up for a discussion where all information is laid out bare.


I’ll refrain from expanding on my answer because it seems like we’re not on the same page.

When I see an error in the system I try and get rid of it. If that wasn’t the case for most people, the United States anthem would be sung in the language of their enemies.

Famous last words of the people who give up. If I was banned by asking questions (aka opposing ‘‘the system’’) that would be the textbook definition of fascism.


Which isn’t the case. (:

My score goes down while I’m receiving high ratings atop my place in the leaderboards.

I’ve been in the High Ratings leaderboard from the first month I joined. So while I completely agree with what you’re saying, it doesn’t apply to me.

I’ve also been in the ‘‘Contests won’’ leaderboard for 2 straight months now.

There’s only a limited amount of factors that influence the percentile. The 2 major ones are:

  • Our entries (aka, what we control)
  • Other people’s entries (aka, what we can’t control)

Thus, if I’m still in the high ratings leaderboard (which encompasses both that which I can control and cannot) then that means my high ratings are sufficient of a higher percentile, and it also means that other users are insufficient to get on the leaderboad (But it still affects me nonetheless, apparently).

I wonder if I can double click on the leaderboad and toggle a ‘‘Hidden users’’ button or something.


I completely agree with your last words. Errors must be found and corrected. However, the forum rules state that it is impossible to write many posts on the same topic without receiving a response from the team. I just wanted to warn you because I had problems, so I advised you to solve such issues using the blue button. I myself got Tier A after three years of hardly job, so I understand your indignation. I didn’t want to offend you in any way, but simply to warn that “the owls are not what they seem” ©. The world is unfair in nature. Believe me, before your appeal, many brought up this issue for discussion. But no one is going to present us with the percentile algorithm, so we take it for granted.


It is, and you are not calculating this correctly. It has nothing to do with leaderboard rankings. It is updated daily.

But I know you are very upset so I will leave it at that. Edukar’s suggestion to Blue Button is the best way to deal with this.


Can you expand on this?


Currently, I can’t see the graph showing contests won and contests entered on any profiles. Maybe Squadhelp is looking into it. Or maybe they are considering removing those stats from view. It has happened before. There used to be a stat showing how many private messages a Creative was sending, and it was removed. I don’t suppose Squadhelp really has to show us any statistics at all, really. Especially if people continue to insist the stats are incorrect.
Edited to add: the stats I mentioned are back, after being missing for almost a week.


I just don’t like that our winning names are gone. I share the link to my profile, but now they will not see my winning portfolio anymore. I suppose I should remove this link.


…just wanted to add that nothing has changed on my public profile page,everything appears the same.


They must have fixed it. Everything is now back when I look as well. Thanks @Marye5


You’re most welcome @jackieheraty.Only fix needed now is to have lots of confetti raining down when I open my page :wink:


No, I cannot. You need to Blue button this.


Kinda makes sense, it’s difficult to explain that which you don’t (can’t?) understand yourself. Continue reaching my expectations.

I’ve already messaged SH (Blue button) dozens of times, and their information coincides with mine. They explain stuff at face value, but don’t explain how it actually works. Like seeing a physics diagram and being able to accurately copy it while the contents of it evade our understanding.

To reiterate our past conversation.

So your score can go down even if you are receiving some high ratings in contests because other creatives are doing better than you are in ratings.

Aka, other creatives are getting more high ratings than me.
Would you agree that my understanding of your message is correct?
My score is going down because other creatives are getting more high ratings than me. (A rephrasing of your words, not mine.)

It has nothing to do with leaderboard rankings.

So if it has nothing to do with leaderboard rankings, why bring up other creatives having more high ratings than me in the first place? The whole concept of the leaderboard rankings is to publicly showcase which creatives are getting the most high ratings.
And yeah, my issues really hav nothing to do with the rankings. It’s what happens behind the curtains that confuses me.

Here’s a good example:

As of last year, there were 75,000 creatives registered on this website. Let’s cut down that number by a quarter: 18750 (I’m rounding it to 19k).
There’s 25 slots in the High rating leaderboard.
If you get one of those slots, it means you beat 19,000 other creatives for that place. 25 of 19000 is 0.13%, so effective immediately you should have a percentile rank of 99,87%.

There’s no reason as to why a creative with low high ratings would ever get on that leaderboard, but our percentile ranks tells us otherwise.

As of this message, I have a percentile rank of 56%. That means, my percentile, plus the adjourned sum of 19,000 creatives would place 8360 creatives above me on the leaderboards.

You’d need 334 high rating leaderboards to find me. (:

Hope that clears up any confusion.


I am not confused and yet, no matter what I say you will disagree. So I am leaving it as is. Your assumptions aren’t right, that is all. This is the last I will say.