Number of submissions / Percentile


I have a question regarding the amount of submissions per contest and its “co relation” to percentiles :thinking:
Knowing that our percentile score is based on several factors ( I’ve read them all by now) , including the amount of names we submit to each contest, I’d think that 80, 100 or even 200 names would lower it ( In case we are not rated with 200 “Love it” or even “Like it” 's . I’ve seen creatives submitting that amount of names to certain contests and their percentile hardly changes…e.g. A creative submits 180 names and gets 5 “high ratings”, should I deduce that the other 175 names were rated as “on right track” OR “No, thank you” 's ? I don’t think there’s anything in between, is there? :grinning:
Meanwhile, I submit 4 entries per contest ( according to SH algorithm ) and , even though I’ve been on 2 leaderboards consistently , my percentile is down to 60 % over night ( I know, I’ve posted about it already) . With all this I just want to understand a little more about it. Two creatives ( @LisaMac and @Edukar helped me in my recent post and I thank them for that.) I understand the algorithm has its own logic but, either we are teaching math to a first grader or to a master degree in Mathematics. 2 + 2 is always 4, am I wrong?
Yesterday, I had an entry shortlisted so I kept submitting names ( I submitted 25, which is something unusual ). At that time I receive a message saying that I could not submit more names. In another contest though, I could because I had a shortlist (10 more IF we get a High Rating) . I hit the blue button and I receive an answer with a screenshot of my percentile… OK, thank you but I remember it :grinning: After explaining what was happening, I am told that the issue will be communicated to the team and that I will receive an answer to my “problem” as soon as there is an “update”. In the meantime…I cannot submit names.
I really have no intentions of being a pain in the butt, but (no pun intended), it’s becoming frustrating not getting answers. I, (as probably many of you) spend hours upon hours here, but some questions remain unanswered. I wish I knew how things function.

Main takeaway from this is: Quality over quantity should benefit creatives, not hinder them. Why is the same happening to me, when the opposite (quantity over quality) doesn’t seem to affect other creatives?

Thank you. Good luck to everyone.