NTY with positive comments


Recently i’ve got some NTYs with comments like You are on the right track and Please submit more along these lines. I feel a little bit foggy… :slightly_smiling_face: What do you think about?


I think this happens when they rate it highly, then change their mind and down rate it later. I’ve had it happen too many times to count :smile:


Able, i know these cases you talk about, but now all these names were rated low from the beginning… so… i don’t get it.


That does seem weird! Not understanding the rating system like we do? I’ve seen a few CHs lately either ‘love’ or ‘NTY’ everything with nothing in between.


I recently had an experience where 1 contest all my names were rated super high, then dropped back down to the icky face than re-rated high again… scratching my head


Many of them don’t understand the rating system or what all it entails and what can help with submission qualities and getting ones they can like. I was like you, though, I thought it was from them switching the ratings around and maybe the system not catching it. Or maybe somehow these are falling ‘glitch’ wise into where we did have the reasons for ratings? I am not sure if that may explain it or if it even makes sense. I do think those comments are like … CH generated. What I mean is, I think they have ‘general comment’ selections they can select so they don’t have to ‘talk’ to each one of us about each one of our names, but I’m not sure why you would say NTY and give an angry looking rating but select to say to submit more along those lines. That’s a head scratcher.


Sometimes I don’t even think they read the “reason” they select. They just choose something for the purpose of choosing and moving to the next entry. I have had 6 letter entries saying “too long”, I have had entries with a name like “Positive Spin” say “Negative Connotation” …etc… Some CH’s take their time and select the reason that applies and some just click away.


Totally share in your frustration, Vivegoodkarma. Had some love the past two days, even a few shortlists only to revert to a NYT in a short amount of time – one was around 15 minutes. I wish that if it was love at first sight that if it changes there was another emoticon to say “it’s not you, it’s me” or something. I think the points we earn should stay – if we got the initial client love, it should stay – if CH changes his/her mind it should be on them. :slight_smile:


Just fyi…it’s my understanding you don’t get penalized if your entry was high rated then they later lower the rating…even if it’s seconds later. The demotion in rating does not hurt you. I know it hurts your psyche though! lol!

It’s frustrating to have shortlistings and think you have a chance to win…only to have them suddenly with no explanation tumble to NTY. I entered only 3 entries into a contest this week, and all were loved/shortlisted…so I was so happy. Today I woke up to see not only were they all unshortlisted…but all were changed to NTY too.Ouch!
I think as someone mentioned earlier… some CH’s think it has to be all or nothing. You either are shortlisted…or rejected. It stings,but it’s part of the gig I guess.


Sometimes some CHs don’t know what they want… They would specifically say what they want on the brief and end up choosing the opposite as winner. This has happened to me many times in Naming and Logo contest…Sometimes they would say they don’t want some of these words in the name but the winner had one of the words in the name,it sucks sometimes.

On the aspect of ratings from Love it or Like it to NTYs, I have had that, it has stopped bothering me, because i feel it’s not your ratings that make you win but your creativity. A name might not be good for a CH but loved by another CH,It just happens. I have won a contest whereby i wasn’t even shortlisted but many were.


I’m feeling your pain on the shortlist to NTY. Seems like a week for that sort of thing.

On the points loss, here’s a cut and paste from my points activity last evening: “Adjustment of points due to rating change (Original Rating: On Right Track).” I don’t think it happens for shortlist, but I’ve had it happen like this. Happened to notice my points seemed off and checked this.

Agree, it seems it’s all or nothing. But still fun I hope.


vuriko – I think I just realized the other day that the “You’re on the right track” message is the same, likely a standard message that goes after they hit the button for that. I had the same client send three about entries I submitted that were each totally different, so the meaning of “on the right track” wasn’t clear. Kinda sad, though, that if clients were more clear they’d likely get closer to what they’re looking for more quickly – unless they have no idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope your week is full of luvs, likes and shortlists.



If you receive a high rating and it subsequently gets downgraded, it does not impact your points or percentile ranking. We always factor your highest rating into these calculations.

The message you see in your point activity regarding Adjustments is likely due to an “Upgrade” of a rating. If your entry receives a “On Right Track” rating initially, and it subsequently gets upgraded to “Like It” or “Love it”, we deposit the full points for Like It or Love It rating - and deduct the previously deposited points for the On Right Track rating. This way, you always receive the points as per the highest rating received on your entry.