November Leaderboard

Congratulations to the top 25 contestants who featured in November leaderboard.

Your bonus points will be deposited soon. We also want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank all those users who may not have featured on the leaderboard, but have continued to make positive contributions. Your efforts are truly appreciated. Here’s to a great December!


So even though I won a contest last month I am not on the leaderboard and still can only enter 10 names. Not so happy about that

@LorinRyle, since there are more than 25 winners every month, our system automatically picks top 25 based upon a combination of factors such as number of contests won, % of high ratings etc.

Congratulations on your win, and we hope to see you in the leaderboard for next month.

you can enter 10 x 5

I can enter 30 + 20



Sigh…as do I :v:

Hey…this morning I had squeaked on as 25th on the Leaderboard…now I’m out…?

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You guys! I’m just praying to be on the Trending board!


@TulsaKim, the leaderboard was updated late morning on Dec 1 to account for any wins from November 30. Once we make the final updates to account for last days win, we announce it here. You might have seen it prior to the final updates. Sorry about the confusion.

how much point we get if my name on the leaderboard?

also maybe add “all of time stats” on coloum/link top contestant too more better like old design.

btw, congrats to all latest winner.

Ah, okay. I was a little confused about that. I had won two contests last month and didn’t make it on the leaderboard, while some people lower on the list only had 1. Thank you for clarifying that. Just an afterthought, are total winnings taken into consideration for the leaderboard? That would seem a little bias given there are people who have been members for years and have earned a good deal of prizes.