Notification & Communication Improvement

Would be great to hear some feedback on how to improve the notifications and communication features of Squadhelp. Are you getting too many notifications? Are there certain things you would like to be notified about? Do you need more flexibility in deciding what kind of notifications you would like to receive? Should we move some of the notifications from email to your Squadhelp activity feed, so it doesn’t clog up your Inbox?

Please share any feedback you have in this area, and we will work on improving it.


I dont need to know most of it that I get via e mail because I read it all on the site

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I would like to be able to see a notification on the site when a CH has edited details or someone has commented. I will be on the site submitting names and check my email 2 hours later and see that I missed some important info that would have helped me submit names more on track.


I think having the flexibility to choose what notifications to subscribe to is a definite boon. Not everyone works the same way. The ability to try different combinations to see what fits the way I work can help with keeping things sane.

As I’ve posted in another topic, I think I would like to try out receiving comments notifications only when it comes form CHs. I won’t know until I try it.

I like the ‘digest’ format in the new contests announcement, you can easily see all the new contests without scrolling. I think this is a good direction to explore.

I feel probably the comments notification could benefit from a little less scrolling, currently there is a large SH banner + obligatory contents taking up space around a small message. When you have to get through 10+ of them they just ‘feel’ more than there really are. Repetitive also.

Lastly, I have been reading the Winner Selection emails initially, but now I’m not so sure I want to be repeatedly reminded that I didn’t win! (not in my mailbox anyway) So now I just ‘mark as read’ them :slight_smile: I’ll go look at the SH Winner page in my own good time. Or I’ll just read @seezall’s updates.


Dan, first, thank you again for all the updates that have been made. Even the unawarded winners are generally of a higher caliber!
Some of us mentioned this on an earlier thread: I think the amount of e-mails from SH are just about right. I know there are posts that you don’t want contestants to make, such as anything about ratings. I would like to ask if contestants who do a lot of “generic” posting for more details about contests could be gently asked to tone it down. I don’t mean a warning or a slap of the wrist: just a subtle e-mail indicating that SH has received related complaints from other contestants. It would really cut our e-mails down. Creatives asking for clarified information about confusing briefs are encouraged to keep it up! Thanks!


Thanks, as always, Dan, for being so responsive/connected to your creatives! My only comment is that it seems I get some notifications way late. It may be my server, of course – and I know you can’t send 'em all out at once. The worst offenders seem to be the “new contest” notifications, if that helps. But, as I say, it may well be on my end.


I could do without the Winner Selection Notifications also… I check the “Winners Page” (in search of my own name daily) LOL :grinning:


yep we dont need to know who won i go straight to that page anyway


hey alwrighty you won lol

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I agree. I don’t like the Winner notifications either. It’s a constant reminder of what a loser I am. It might as well say hey stupid you lost again. I do like the idea of more flexibility in our notification options.

DANG, I’m in shock - 2 wins in one week??? Happy New Year to me!!! :sunglasses:

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Maybe there could be an option to get notifications for when one of your entries has been rated. I know for some contestants it would mean getting a flood of emails, but in my case I would think it very helpful.

That’s the advantage of having management headquartered in Chicago. The creatives get concessions without having to pay union fees. :slight_smile:

How about a group chat tab? One of the things that make SH different is that it’s really interactive and social, it’s more than just a website where you throw a couple of entries in the can and close the tab. So how about giving that feature a boost with an INSTANT group chat tab? Or the ability to get involved in instant messaging with selected members?

Well, you’ve had great results there! Keep looking and keep finding!

Thank you everyone for your feedback. We have begun to make changes based on this. Here is what we have done so far:

  1. Made the comment notifications more compact so they are more readable.
  2. Stopped sending winner email notifications
  3. Consolidated all communication with CH on the contest page. If you send a private message to the CH or receive a PM from the CH, it will show as a private comment on the Contest page instead of Inbox. This way, you as well as the CH don’t have to check multiple places to find communication regarding a contest.
  4. We have removed inactive users from our daily notifications. This will improve the late notification issue especially for new contests. We will also work on sending these notifications more frequently.

We are working on several other aspects in this area. Please continue to share any feedback so that we can take that into account and make the platform more user friendly for everyone.


Maybe a notification if you get a “5” rating…?

Such a notification would have to come with a word of caution: it’s too early for celebration :slight_smile:


Well, that’s interesting, Dan: FYI I got my winner’s e-mail for the counseling contest yesterday! Maybe by special request? :smile:

I thought about this some more: I like getting winning e-mails! (for my winners.) I appreciate being notified about everyone’s, but psychologically, it’s a big boost to find out that you won, especially if it’s been awhile, and the first time I won a SH contest, I was in happy shock. I would like SH to reconsider sending us personalized e-mails when we win. They’re a real morale booster.