Nothing gets approved, no $ either


No logic to what gets approved as premium whether registered or unregistered. It’s a crapshoot. A lot of work for little to no reward. I’m getting frustrated already! Only have 3 names approved as premium, 2 of which were unreg so the commission is tiny. And that’s out of dozens of submissions. No contests won either out of 60 so far. :disappointed_relieved:


Maldo, this is what we have all had to work through. SH does have logic to their approvals but we don’t know what that is, just like any platform. And on contests, it would be helpful if you would look at the profiles of many winning creatives to see how many contest entries it takes them to win. 60 is very, very few. Many winners participate in over 300 contests a month. So I am saying it takes patience and persistence. Keep at it. If you are good at this, you will know soon.


With contests, there really is no way to know if or when you might win. Same goes with marketplace sales. For approvals, the site average hovers at around 8-9 percent. So you can look at your own percentage and see how you stack up so far.


The problem is that the stats are not up to date, and only reflect partial information (I.e SH approved premium domains, even if other listings are shortlisted, liked, loved). My approval rate appears insanely low relative to the avg listed (if the figures are accurate) and yet I have names that were rejected last week and are now shortlisted or liked. Since I can only ask for 5 reviews a month, I’ll NEVER get around to having much to show for my efforts. Totally ridics.


Oh, yes you are lucky! I have several hundred domains and I can also ask for 5 reviews a month! :0)


Shortlists and likes have nothing to do with your stats for marketplace domains except on those that have been accepted, where it shows how many shortlists you’ve had in contests. So I think what you are expecting isn’t how it works, unless I am misunderstanding what you wrote.Names that were rejected last week for the marketplace have little to do with future likes and loves. If that is what is frustrating you, then buy your names, put them in Basic Plus, enter them into contests and when when they get enough attention in contests, you can upgrade them.