Not yet seen "status"

Hi squadhelp team, i have some questions about entries?

how about entries submitted but contest was ended, and some my contest i entered still status “not yen seen by the CH” and it looks like the contest was over a long time, whether they are busy or have found the best idea.

how to solve this, or something system eror?

warm regards,
creative enthusiasm

its a system error ! …


If you can send some examples to the support team, we will take a look at it. The “Seen” status is not 100% reliable, but usually it corrects itself over time. If there are contests that ended long time ago, it is possible that we were not tracking the “Seen” status at that time. If you can send some examples to, we will look into them.

i think its mostly on quite old contests that ended possibly before the new system----Ive seen quite a few examples

it’s new contest, here link what i mean

my last entries still not yet seen by ch still now.


yes same here on that contest - I just think they havent been back, one of my names got registered by someone

i think they are very busy or… have found good ideas, nice jobs @Jose u’ll be winner on this one.

theft concept everywhere, as well as logos , websites and much more.