Not receiving win emails

Some time beginning in December, I stopped receiving an email when I win a contest. It has really become a problem. I have already blue bubbled long ago. I was told the email was sent so then I somehow needed to do something on my end. However, because I use Network solutions for my email, I cannot do anything to somehow make these come through. There is nowhere to do that in NS email. If any of you has ever used it, you know what i mean.

So, I am writing to ask if anyone else stopped receiving emails when they win. I am hoping to somehow help SH figure out why the emails are being blocked because something must have changed in the body of the emails that made them be blocked and it only impacts people with certain types of email. Maybe I am the only one with this problem. I get ALL of the other emails (chachings comments). For a while I wasn’t getting comments on entries but those suddenly came back. There’s nowhere to change anything on my notification preferences either.

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Wish I could help…but my problem is I too am not receiving winning emails…but that’s because I suddenly am not winning! lol! Wish I knew how to correct that problem… ha!


LOL @hollygirl!!! I had a very long dry spell. That’s how it goes around here. Watching people winning 9 contests in a month while not winning. It’s really frustrating!!!
I need to find one of those names I can win “several times” with…!!!


At least you’re winning some contests CLinks. There are a whole lot of creative people here who work hard yet don’t win. I think if you look at it from that perspective, it will be easier to accept when you see those creatives who win gobs of contests in a month.


Im just looking forward to my first rating above a no thank you.,"/ That,s something to aim for :wink:


So back to my original question: Is anyone else NOT receiving an email when they do win?

I just won a contest (about an hour ago) and haven’t received an email yet . . . we’ll see how long, if at all, it takes to come through. In the past, I’ve received the “Woo Hoo” email almost instantly and I know this b/c I was on SH working. I’ll keep you posted. :upside_down:

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Thank you, @CRen! Let me know!

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@Commulinks okay, so the “Woo Hoo” email came in at 7:30 this morning - a time lapse of about 9 hours . . . did your winning email come in at all? or just delayed like me?

Thank you! Mine never came at all. I feel like there is something different about those emails lately that is making them get booted into the netherworld. I appreciate that you got back to me.

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You bet, any time :slight_smile:

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@Commulinks Hi there - I think (fingers crossed) the issue has been fixed. I received a “win” email last night right away :slight_smile: It appeared within minutes of the CH logging off and right after it appeared on my profile page.

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There’s definetly something different about email. The only ones I get in a timely manner is’ new contest have been added’…Everything else is pretty delayed and or repeating. Me personally. .I’ve given up on the push notifications .Haven’t gotten a woo- hoo in 4eva :wink::wink:

Thanks @CRen. Unfortunately, mine still is not working. SH advised me to get a new email address but that’s not something I can do. (long story… not that I am not able, but it won’t work for me.) So now, I have to log in to see if I have won anything but since I seem to be the only one not getting win emails, it’s just what I need to do. Not SH’s fault… it’s my email provider I imagine. Something is making those particular emails go to never never land.

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@Commulinks So sorry to hear that. How strange . . . but, with you being active on SH so often I guess you’ll notice the “win” right away. But I understand about wanting to see it in your emails. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I peruse my emails (with one eye open) hoping to see a “Woo Hoo” email - it just starts my day off great (doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s nice).

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