Not Looking for URL

I have been curious for quite some time as to why a CH would not want a URL, just a name? It seems like there could be another business or whatever it is with that exact name and wouldn’t they eventually like a URL anyway? Thanks, Shanna

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Hi @Shanna,

I think a lot of the time, the CHs already have a domain. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want a domain name to match the business name but I’m grateful the pressure to find one is lifted!


@Shanna - I often wonder about that too, but then again, I also agree with Laura - At least the pressure to find an exact domain match is off the table. :wink:

In our experience, some CHs are open to many URL variations: front-side addons (, back-side addons (, phrases (, non-standard extensions (, etc. In these situations, some CHs choose to eliminate the URL check from their contest.

Here is some more information about this from a Help Article that we recently published:

Do you want a .com URL along with your name?

One final thought. When creating your brief, you will make a choice related to your domain preferences:

I’m not looking for a URL
I want a URL but minor variations are allowed (,
I want an exact match URL (,
If you select either of the second two options, the Squadhelp platform will require contestants to submit a URL along with each name idea, and we will check that URL for availability.

In this case, you will not see any URLs that are not available to register for the standard registration fee of around $15 on a site like GoDaddy.

Option #1

Choose I’m not looking for a URL to indicate that you want to focus on outstanding names, not URL availability.

Option #2

Choose I want a URL but minor variations are allowed to indicate that you don’t need an exact match domain, but you’d like the Creatives to find and submit a strong, relevant, and available URL with their name ideas.

Here are some examples of minor variations

Add-ons in front of the name (Sleep Mate -
Add-ons in back of a name (Stone Eagle -
Phrases (Strive - WeAreStrive com) (Flashcast -
Option #3

Finally, choose I need an Exact Match URL, if you’re looking for a URL that directly matches your name. In this case, you’ll need to be aware of the limitations implied with this choice, and set realistic expectations. Because so many short URLs are taken, exact match URLs are very limiting, and they can prevent you from securing a great name. For example, was acquired for equity that now has an estimated worth of almost $50,000,000.