Not Getting SH Emails


Would you check my account setup? I haven’t been getting any emails for new contests or enter Best Entry. I was getting them, and now, for some reason, I’m not. I’ve checked my settings, and everything seems to be ok…

@LauraE, the best way to investigate and resolve individual account issues is to send an email to the support team. Can you please send an email by clicking the conversation icon on bottom right, or by sending an email to

Thanks @Dan

I keep forgetting to go through that route…

I stopped receiving SquadHelp emails regarding new contests, private comments, comments on a contest, etc. Is anyone else having this problem?

Yes. Even I am facing this issue. I don’t receive the ‘Winner Selection Mails’ as well as the ‘CH’s Public Comments’. I have informed the Squadhelp support. Hope they resolve it.