(Not) eligible to join a contest?

I’m new here, and unused to the rules, I hope someone can help me with this one.
I got an email with the subject “Your are eligible to join a contest”, and after reading the brief I started to work on a logo design right away. The logo’s ready, but at a closer look I cannot find a submit button anywhere on the contest page. And the contest is not listed in my assigned contests. Is it possible that I’m not eligible to participate in the contest after all? But then why did I get the email notification? Is there any way to submit my design, maybe after an approval from a staff member?
It would be a pity if my work went lost. Btw, I’m an experienced designer, so the quality of my work isn’t an issue. Thanks for your help, Anna

Anna, the submit button would disappear if the contest closed. There isn’t a way to submit an entry other than the submit button and not after a contest is closed. I imagine it is possible you can’t submit for some other reason so I recommend you use the blue bubble to ask about it. The staff at SH are always there, ready to help!

PS: Another reason the submit button disappears is when a CH or SH pauses the contest. There would be a note on the brief that says it is paused.

Thanks, your reply clarifies a lot! And thanks for bringing the blue bubble to my attention. It’s cool that help is just a click away.

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Welcome to the gang, @flyhigh!!!