Noob Q about Buy Domain Option

HI all. I’m new here. I’ve entered a bunch of contests without much success, but came up with one domain I really like.

I am curious about the Buy Domain option that appears on the entry in My Entries page. How does that work?

Am I allowed to buy it?

Am I allowed to resell it IF the CH doesn’t choose it?


I think the answer is YES to both of those questions. :smile:

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If you would like to buy the domain of your name you like you can go to to purchase it.
Once you own it you can enter it in any contest after you have registered it with Squadhelp. This way it secures your name so no one else can purchase it. If someone wants it you transfer it to them after they chose it in a contest. Otherwise, it is yours to keep or sell :slight_smile: I hope this helps a little bit.


@Yana @ChristyMay are both correct.

You can purchase a domain with any registrar. If you want to submit that domain to a contest, you my then register it with us through My Domains. If you do choose to sell it outside of Squadhelp, please ensure that it is not entered in any open contests.

We cannot have a situation where you are selling the domain on the open market, as well as posting it in SH contest.


Thanks for explaining!


Although, now that I’m thinking about it, is it a good strategy to own the domain you are proposing?

That is, if I have a domain that I can offer ownership of, in addition to the name, does that increase my chances? Is this something the experts do, offer both as a package?