Nonprofit Dive Down

I still don’t understand why it’s necessary for a CH to remove other contestants’ points after a contest has closed and in the process of deciding a winner. The nonprofit contest which closed yesterday (4975, I think) has increased one contestant’s score to a 5, and I can’t speak for anyone else, but in the last hour, all my points disappeared. My 4 became a 1. Has anyone else had a problem there?


you mean this one

none rated, tried haitian words as requested

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My two 4-star went to a 3 and a 2

Same here. My only 4 became a 1. I just went in a deleted all of my entries.

Heartbreaking! I’m glad I didn’t enter that contest,

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None other than :angry:

I agree with @auntshommy. These sweeping point changes aren’t meaningful to the process once a contest ends – we can no longer submit or tweak entries. I wonder if SH can implement stages in a contest, where each stage sees the system behave differently pertinent to the type of work being done.


Yes 4 stars became 1 star, and then he added he wanted ‘voices’ as keyword, so my couple of entries with ‘voices’ also were 1 starred.


Same here. One of my low ratings was “VoicesLit,” which was supposed to be both “Ignited” and “Literature.” It was very frustrating. :disappointed:

One possible explanation for downgrading the no longer desired entries is to make them invisible to the beholder’s eye.

but they have tools to only look at certain ratings

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This same contest has now downgraded every single entry, long after the contest closed. Anyone else?