Non-SH premium domain requests from CHs


We need some better direction from SH on contests where the CH is asking for premiums that are not from the marketplace. Several times, CHs have asked for premiums outside of SH but we did not receive the explicit instructions from SH that we could sub them. We were told we could not sub those names without those instructions. (Usually SH says sub the name as domain-SC for see comments.)

I have reported some to SH and told the CH as well, and the specific instructions that should be in the brief never get posted. Then the contest closes. I do not dare to sub premiums outside of the marketplace without SH’s specific instructions in the brief. And if there are creatives doing it and they win based on the premium name, then they can have their privileges revoked.

Many times, CHs never read the public messages. Many times, CHs think that if they selected that they accept premiums they think we can do it.


probably CH thinks if he selected “premium” or “marketplace” when opening contest that includes 3rd party domains. Same as you, only marketplace domains if SH does not explicitly say in the brief we can use 3rd party domains.