Non-guaranteed Contests!


Fellow Creatives,
Have you seen how deceptive non-guaranteed contests look like? Like no change from the normal ones, just to make most of us participate. Only the ‘guaranteed prize’ is missing. I realize my current shortlists are all ‘non-guaranteed’ and I feel I’ve been cheated to some extent.

  1. There has to be a VISIBLE change in the layout of ‘non-guaranteed’ contests, so that we know what we are wasting our time on!

  2. If the non-guaranteed contests is abandoned ( of course that’s the idea of the CH) the shortlisted creatives should get some good number of points.

I so wanted to put that ‘it’s a non-guaranteed contest’ on the message thread of the contests but, realized it may be breach of some policy. Ugh!


You can filter out guaranteed contest from non guaranteed. I have learned to look more closely to what I participate in. A non guaranteed contest gives the CH an opportunity to try SH ….I have seen several non guaranteed go to guaranteed .


All guaranteed contest say so to the left of the prize amount. It also has a green circle with a check mark on it, if that helps you.


I would like it to be much more clear as well. I have accidentally participated in some I didn’t mean to participate in over the years. I only sub marketplace names or names I own to them. Been burned way too much on those.


Believe me, I was once in your shoe @Nick I even went ahead then to suggest that it should be stated to the CH that if they abandon non guarantee contest for a certain amount of time, they should either cancel their contest within a month or two, failure to do so will mean the contest will automatically be guaranteed in order for the creatives to share the split. To me, that’s the only befitting solution, but I don’t know if it resonates with SH


I have also participated by mistake. Maybe SH should have it show up in the contest description section too as highlighted text/button. The tiny green tick is easy to overlook.


You can filter contests by prize amount, guaranteed or not and by time frame ( newest to ending) Just check of guaranteed contest box.


Yes but that’s not how I end up participating… I feel it’s the ‘ending in 6 hours’ link way :slight_smile: just being little cautious helps I guess.


I think the Non-garanteed contests must be forbidden/banned from Squadhelp. What is the idea behind it?


Such comment is not allowed in the for, you can blue button


There has been a trend of non-guaranteed contests limiting to Tier A creatives only.


I believe that only beginners should have access to non-guaranteed contests. Then CHs will have an incentive to make contests guaranteed so that A Thier’s creatives take part


I would remove or edit your comment right away…as it can get you in trouble.We are not allowed to accuse anyone of taking names. Just an fyi.


I’m also for just deleting this option. Clients can easily see what they can expect from squadhelp and can easily make the decision if it’s worth it or not.


Is it possible for you to edit someone’s comments @hollygirl


@Muyi4every you can only edit your own


Alright. I will do that


Heads up, Nick, you should probably delete this comment. Pretty sure it is not allowed… don’t want you to get in trouble!


My suggestion would be to have a very visible colour code or something of the sort to easily show creatives that it is a non guaranteed contest. Then one can enter at their own discretion. It’s usually very easy to miss the Green tick or not even check the guarantee status. It’s hard to keep up with checking this on all contests…and most times one doesn’t even realize it wasn’t guaranteed until it’s cancelled.
I am also concerned about some non guaranteed contests not issuing for up to two months, and then eventually cancelling. I think these contests shouldn’t have this benefit. Two months with full access of names one has no intention of buying…


It’s funny that I don’t participate further in a contest which shows ‘2X points’ in my activity feed. That is only when I get to know I had entered a non-guaranteed contest.