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non disclose and social media sharing button, I thought we couldn’t say we named something? Just reread policy and it doesn’t really speak to the names which is cool. I think in the case where we are basically subcontracted through an agency perhaps we can distinguish that the we cant say we named it like a ghost writer, but I think on the smaller businesses or the independant companies they wouldn’t care, as long as their forlmulas concepts aren’t given away and we wait until they are fully up and running, anywho it would be cool if we could have a way to know which ones were non disclose after the fact.

Dont take this the wrong way, I would love to say I named stuff because our names are sort of our babies.

I mentioned this here over a month ago and as you can tell, nothing changed.

Non-Disclosure is an agreement between you and the Contest Holder to not disclose the details included in the brief, contest comments, etc. If the winning name is published on, you can share that winning name. However, in no other circumstances should you share any details about the contest elsewhere.


Thank you so much for clarifying this. So we can share the name, but not necessarily the mission statement of the company. So for instance,I named an aquarian company. I could say it is an aquarian supply house but not say it specializes in so and so?

As a rule of thumb, the information shared by Squadhelp on the contest page after winner selection is the same information that you may consider sharing:

As you can see, we share the winning name, three words about the business, and the screen name of the Creative who won the contest:

Luxury London Brand


Loft & Main
Home Services Business

Further -

  • Just as we do not share the winning name for three days after the contest closes, we recommend that, upon winning a contest (NDA or otherwise), you do not share the winning name for that amount of time.
  • Some customers ask us not to share their winning name on the contest page. In those cases, you should also not share their winning name.
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