Top Level Domains

Many CHs don’t seem to realize there are now 882 top level domains (TLDs). The number of TLDs has recently been greatly increased to take the pressure off of .com because so many desirable names have already been reserved. New gTLD Program‏‎ I’m pleased when CHs are open to additional common TLDs that have been around for awhile, but either there is no way for them to indicate that they are open to TLDs beyond .biz, .net. co., and other common TLDs, or they have no idea what might be relevant to them. [see infographic below courtesy of European Domain Centre]

I recently participated in a dance contest naming competition where .dance would seem to be an obvious choice, and which has much more availability than .com, but it was not a possibility. Similarly, restaurant naming competitions aren’t allowing .food, .restaurant, .cafe, .bar or .eat. Food & Drink New gTLDs. Opportunities have also been missed in .hotel, .pool, .car and others. Since most CHs aren’t web professionals, it’s perfectly reasonable that they don’t know about all these new (or not-so-new) options. But we need ways to educate them for their own benefit.

Please consider ways to

  1. encourage CHs to not limit themselves to .com,
  2. suggest appropriate domains, whether from SH or the creatives, and
  3. check names in the new domains.

It may be time to eliminate the question in the brief asking CHs if they demand a .com. They would still be able to do it, but would have to think of it rather than having it suggested to them. This should at least reduce the number of contests limited to .com.

List of domain extensions 2016

Courtesy of: European Domain Centre

Good thought! This is something we are currently looking at.