No Winner Declared By CH

I am confused on how someone else can be chosen as the winner when the CH didn’t choose a specific winner but did rate entries as their favorites. It seems to me that those high rated entries should take precedence over other entries that were marked by contestants as their best entries. The specific contest that I am talking about is the following contest, where I was clearly the leading contestant. In my opinion, the leading participants should take a much higher precedence in these contests where no winner has been selected by the CH. I can understand selecting a random winner in a contest where there have been NO favorites made by the CH…but to totally disregard the what the CH has chosen so far as their highest favorites seems unfair in my opinion. In this particular contest, I had two of the 4 star entries out of the 6 four star entries rated by the CH…which would lead me to believe that I had the winning entry in this contest.

It is my suggestion that you make the “Best Entry Selection” process to only apply to those contests where NO favorites have been selected by the CH…& any contests where even one favorite has been chosen by the CH but no winner is selected, then the contest will automatically go to the leading contestant…for it is my opinion that they hit the mark on what the CH was looking for in the first place and they should be awarded the prize amount for being chosen by the CH as the best selection to fit their criteria.


I understand your frustration,as I too have been trending in a contest several times, but not had my name selected…but the only trouble in not considering best entries also, is that often a CH abandons a contest before he has rated or even seen entries.So to disregard great entries that would possibly have been winning names had the CH stuck with the contest is kinda unfair too.

I know I have at times(not always, but sometimes) thought the names chosen in unrewarded contests don’t follow the brief, or what the CH would have chosen had they followed thru to the end…but it is impossible to have a solution that satisfies everyone I think,and SH does what they can to make it as equitable as possible.Names are so subjective!

I do think in cases where someone has multiple highest scores, then they really should have an inside track to win, as obviously the direction of their names were what appealed to the CH. For example,in one unrewarded contest, I had five of the 5 star names out of I think twelve 5 stars that were given. Since my names had more than a third of the 5 stars…if I wouldn’t have had one of my names chosen(I did,luckily) I would have cried foul I think.

Katherine you may not see, but perhaps the winner did have 1 of the 6 four star rated entries!

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I have been on the flipside too , before SH introduced best entries, and man is it tough to lose when you had 2 names bought in a contest, was second trender but lost because I only had 4 -5 stars to someone else’s 5-5stars.

@KatherineHapple, Thanks for sharing your concern. In scenarios where the CH has decided not to select a winner (either because they did not find the name, or they abandoned the contest even before it ended), we do our best to pick the best name after evaluating all high rated entries as well as best entries.

This is a subjective decision, however since the CH has decided not to pick a winner, we want to make sure we are taking a holistic look across all top + best entires so that no one feels left out. There could be many reasons why a CH did not pick a winner - Trademark issues, their team did not like any short listed names, or they just became overwhelmed with too many entries and gave up. While we certainly put a higher emphasis on high rated names by CH, we can not always restrict the winner selection to only those names to be fair to everyone.

Since this question is asked quite often , we will create a dedicated help page to explain this in more details, along with our reason for following this policy.


i had one of the 4 star entries as well. I could have been the winner, too, Oh, well moving on!

Either way in the old system you didn’t even have the chance to win, at least it gave you a fighting chance /

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annoying but not unfair…I didnt actually like the winning name though(no surprise there lol) , sorry Kral…

@KatherineHapple I’m sorry you’re upset, I can understand that. SH policy for abandoned contests seems kind of subjective to me too.
You know this other contest platform that I’m on have a very simple and clear policy for abandoned contests - they simply share the prize among top rated contestants. That seams fair to me since no one knows what the CH would have chosen.
And all the top rated contestants get a symbolic “thank you” for their effort.

That would be really great if you could create a dedicated help page to explain the unawarded contest policy

But if you are referring to another company who relies on the fellow namers to vote on names,and determine high scorers…I don’t think that’s ideal either, as why would the namers know either what is the best name the CH would like?

To me…when the CH no longer has a “dog in the fight” so to speak…then the next best avenue is probably for SH to examine the best entries/high rated names and decide…using the criteria hopefully that CH provided.Not an infallible solution…but the best one so far.

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I wonder if SH looks at the names of the submitters or just looks at the names themselves. Sounds like you are saying you think since you have a larger percentage of like names that you should win because it looks like you personally were hitting the mark better. I wonder if SH even looks at our names when deciding a winner or just looks at the entries and decides what they think is the best entry. Therefore not being swayed by which a person had the most liked entries. @Dan do you guys take into account which creative had the most highly rated entries or are you only looking at the entries themselves?


Sorry everyone…I guess I just had a moment where I had to get it off my chest…No hard feelings. I just had a moment of disappointment…all is good. I will keep plugging away cause I personally hate drama of any kind. I do apologize to everyone that I had a minor lapse in judgement. I do know that SH does their best to be fair to all contestants. I keep pretty quiet normally & keep my opinions to myself…I do appreciate SH for doing their best to be fair to everyone involved in the contests. :smile:


@hollygirl no, that’s not the one I’m referring to. Only the CH is rating and only his ratings count.

I think we all had cases, when our favorite entry was rated low while the one we didn’t really believe in was rated high. CH’s has their own reasons for that (trademarking issues, similarity to competitor names, local factors etc.). For example in my country no children related business would dare to have keyword “purple” in their name, but how would SH now that?? If there was a very cute and catchy best entry “purple something” they could choose it as a winner. And now let’s say CH does comes back after a few months and sees “purple something” chosen as a best name for their children related business. Well, that would cause a good laughter at the best scenario or the wave of anger at the worst…

I had a good laugh once while shopping in a foreign country. There were these candies. They had a nice packaging, good price, short catchy name… yeah, about that, the only problem was that in my native language that name literally means “you are gonna throw up”. Can you imagine that? :smiley: And yes, we do have one short word for that. No need to ask what did I bring as a joke present for my friends :smiley:

That’s why the “best entry” squeezing among top rated ones confuses me. How would SH know all these factors?


ah but what if you were late to the party and had a brilliant name that wasnt rated

@Jose and how would you know for sure that CH would also think it’s brilliant? Haven’t you ever had your favorite name rated low or the one you didn’t really believe in rated high? And do you like all the winning names?
No one besides CH knows what is “brilliant” for them, for their particular business/product in their local competitive environment.

I actually meant what if you entered names that the ch didnt rate or maybe didnt even see- they should have an equal chance with those that got rated before the ch left the building for whatever reason------- the system that SH uses at the moment seems to be the best option to me


I understand what you mean, but I do not see the equality in that at all. Some names are rated by CH while the others by contestants marking them as a best entry. Why do contestants votes for their own entry counts as much as SHs? Where is the equality? How rating your own entry is not subjective? Chances are that if CH would have seen that “brilliant” name he would have rated it 2-3* while some other name 5*.

I think it’s a bit similar to when you come up with a great name, but when trying to submit it you find out that someone else has already submitted it. If that name wins there’s no one else to blame but the bad luck. Same is here. If you join the contest after the CH abandoned it, it’s just a bad luck. And that’s why rating stats are for. If you see that CH hasn’t been rating for several days it’s up to you to take the risk or choose another contest instead.

@EliCreative, you are correct we would never know all the factors and regional implications that the CH would be aware of. However, to be clear, the CH has already abandoned the contest at this stage. What we are finalizing at this stage is the name that we believe best fits what is described in the brief by looking at ALL variables (including CH rating, their comments on the entries, as well as the best entries that were not rated by CH). We could have kept this process simple, with a least amount of overhead for us by simply dividing the money among top rated entries. However, we are choosing to follow this process to make it more fair, and more inclusive even though it requires more resources on our end.

There is no question that no one other than the contest holder is qualified to select the best name for their business. However, if they have walked away for any reason, we don’t want to simply ignore the hard work of creatives just because the CH gave few high ratings before abandoning their contest.

We do not intend to change this policy.


@EliCreative We have no precognitive way of knowing the contest is de facto over, until it’s formally over and past the due date of a name delivery :slight_smile: