No ratings all day lone

Sometimes I look at the time when I last received a rating. Often, there are no ratings all day long. Something needs to change, IMHO. So many contests go without ratings until they close… I’ve even seen CHs make comments after the contest is closed when they said nothing all along. It’s all really frustrating. For a long time, creatives have suggested that SH institute a system where a CH can’t proceed without ratings. I still feel that needs to be done.


@Commulinks - Thank you for this feedback.

Over the last year or so, we have developed a very rich process for encouraging the use of contest best practices by the CH. Each contest has a dashboard that outlines and tracks best practices. We also have ongoing communication via the platform, and email, to explain and encourage these best practices. However, at the end of the day, it is at the CH’s discretion how much they decide to participate.

Also, it is important to note that the rating level of the CH is made public to all Creatives. Therefore, continued participation in contests that do not have engagement from the CH is at the discretion of each Creative. With this in mind, pausing contests based on participation is likely not feasible for our paying customers.

Having said this, we continue to look for ways to encourage participation, and we appreciate your suggestions along these lines.


@Commulinks I find this frustrating too, but I think sometimes there are factors that we forget about. Yesterday, for instance, there were widespread power outages in a significant area of the southeast US due to severe storms. While certainly there were many CHs in other areas of the world who chose not to rate, there may have been some accessibility problems for others. Maybe today will be better. :slight_smile:


Great points @ALDaisy1 and @Grant!
Just frustration coming out… I need the feedback to keep going sometimes!!! A lot of the time, I enter contests right at the start…

I just wish, I guess… that all CHs realized how important it is.


FOR SURE… CH have points awarded to them for feedback, selecting a name within 3 days etc… so it is a good barometer.