No. of entries required per LOGO contest?

Hello everyone,
I’m a new member to Squadhelp and trying to figure out how should I go about it. I’m a designer and have registered here as a creative for Logo design contests. If any kind-hearted person here can please tell me the number of entries i should submit so that i get to participate in contests more often, it will be very helpful.
Thank you.

Minimum of 3 I guess as a newbie. But after a month, you might be able to submit up to 30 depending on your percentile. Hit the blue button for more info

Thanx a lot for the info.

Don’t focus on how many you submit, quality is key! What you need to focus on is the ratings you’re getting back from CHs. The better ratings you get the more contests you’ll be able to enter. It doesn’t matter if you submit 1 or 20 entries, the ratings ultimately decide your privilege to participate, unless you achieve a certain amount of wins. Good luck!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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