No more Restoring Withdrawn Entries exceeding Limit

“Maximum number of entries reached. You can’t restore entry until you withdraw any active entries.”

I think that this was put into place to combat creatives using a loophole to submit more entries than their limit.

i’m honestly one of those, i do that whenever i have additional ideas beyond my limit but afraid of forgetting them if i submit them after the CH’s rating. Sh’s action is Fair enough. but there is another loophole wherein you can submit unlimited entries without using Withdraw/Restore button.

What’s the other loophole?

I am sincerely glad that the SH team made such a decision. There should be no loopholes, the rules must be followed! Now it will be easier for the customer to choose the winner when the number of entries decreases significantly. The only thing that depresses me is why someone has the right to submit a hundred entries, and someone has no more than 2. I especially feel sorry for the old-timers with a small percentile,. They brought the site more money than the newcomers, who have a higher percentile. It is customary all over the world to respect elders, and I would like this to apply to our site as well. Everyone should have an equal number of submissions to the contest - no more than 5. And only when creative receive a like, this limit will be increased by another 10 entries. Considering that a strike group of 100 creatives is constantly working on the site, this means that the total number of entries will not exceed 1000 in contest. It is with this volume that it is easiest for the contest holder to work and make a decision. It is in this case that the percentage of abandoned contests will rush to zero.


As an “Old-Timer,” this seems fair to me - It levels the playing field for all of us. :wink:

Plus, if a Creative is truly submitting high-caliber names, the “Like” and “Love” ratings will indicate as much.


@Edukar I’m not sure from the original post that SH actually did limit the use of withdrawing in order to submit new names. I think @BrandingJov meant they could not restore a previously withdrawn entry because they had reached their limit on entries and tried to restore one but couldn’t.

@littodino I saw on another thread that people are using the multiple entry method to submit many names at once - names that are different. You know how there’s a dropdown to add multiple entries for domain extensions? That’s where they are doing that. I have only ever used that to submit one name with several domain extensions.


I like that the SH team forbade pulling entries out of the withdrawn basket otherwise the creative behaved like a magician pulling an Easter bunny out of a hat. but I would go even further and cancel the percentile. the algorithm of which is unknown to us. The measure of the success of creatives should only be the status of Tier A. Otherwise, we get an absurd situation where a beginner without wins has more rights to submit new entries than Tier A old-timer. If the creative really has a good experience and reputation, it will not be difficult for him to get a like from CH and expand the number of entries in the contest.

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Yes I think sh did. the limit applies to Active Entries. you cannot restore anything unless you pull out some from the active. sometimes, and depends on the contest, i restore all the “On Right Track” entries in case the ch reviews them. i haven’t won that much but i experienced a win from an ORT entry despite the numerous Love it entries in the Ch’s shortlist. there are CHs who do not rate all, they just pick entries to put in the shortlist, without posting on the messages. we creatives base our next move on the rated ones.

@littodino i messaged you on Instagram

right, that is what I said.
Recommendation: Never withdraw an entry unless it was an error.

Hmmm… violation…SH is explicit on not having any contact, messaging with creatives. Why? Who knows. Yet they let people put all their social media info.


Re the percentile rank, I have noticed something strange for quite some time - our percentile ranks seem to be synchronized!

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