No "Active" and "Withdrawn" buttons on entries tab

Today it started with a few contests, now it seems it happens in all of them. When you go to “Entries” tab there should be three buttons, “Withdrawn”, “Active” and “Check Domain Availability”. “Withdrawn” and “Active” are not there. Anyone else with this problem? Blue-buttoned, waiting for the team to check what’s wrong, I just want to know if it’s just me or it happened to others.


The same thing happened to me. In this case, we won’t even be able to verify which domains we proposed were registered and, accordingly, will not be able to submit reports. I sincerely hope that this is a system error that the SH team will fix.

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It’s killing me, I can’t see what I already suggested and removed from ongoing contests.

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It should not be. Team can programmatically limit the number of entries, but not deprive us of the opportunity to see previously submitted deleted entries. I sometimes return to contests in a few days. And I simply must know the entries that the CH did not like and were deleted by me. It is necessary for successful work. It is necessary not only for us, but also for the CHs , so that they should not get the same entries again.

I think it is not intentional, most likely it’s a bug

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I accidentally withdrew a shortlisted one, so went to “restore” and there is no withdrawn entries. I am not too worried since there were 111 shortlists so I won’t get my $1.76 split, but this could be bad if it was a good split one…very bad