Newly Added "My Owned Names" Feature

"My Owned Names"

A new feature will be added to our platform starting tomorrow (Tuesday, December 6th).

In order to protect your high quality names, you can now register your own names and submit them in naming contests. Starting tomorrow, you will see a new section on your Account page. “My Owned Names”. On this page, you will be able to tell us about the names you already own.

When you submit those names to a contest, our platform will bypass the domain availability check. The CH will be able to see that these names are owned by you and that you are willing to transfer the ownership to the CH in case your name is selected as the winner.

Please note that you can not ask for any additional compensation (in addition to the contest award amount) for that name.

We will, however, allow reimbursement for your original domain registration costs (up to $15). This must be discussed with the CH if they select your name. Since this is a new feature, please feel free to contact our Squadhelp, we are happy to help with communications between creatives and CHs.

In future we will be launching a “Name Marketplace” page, where you will be able to feature your owned names. Buyers can directly purchase your name from our Marketplace. More to come on this later!!


I think this is bad news for us as a creatives.
I am sure many pro domainers out there will take advantages selling they own ■■■■ domains on this platform.
Second, customer would rather buy domain from the marketplace than launching a contest.
What next? They canceled the contest. It could be frustrating.


If they can find a perfect name for under $300? $200? or even $100 i dont think naming contest still relevant anymore. I bet the quantity of contest each month would be decrease.


i’ll be curious to see what the format will be for a marketplace. I hope it doesn’t attract domain hustlers. That would really take away from the creative atmosphere around here.


Wouldn’t a name marketplace be cannibalizing Squadhelp’s primary specialty, business and strength which is name contests? There are many other domain reselling sites already and IMHO Squadhelp should refrain from trying to be all things to all people.


Imo if this thing really happen SH should take $10 fee for listing or limit to 3/5 domain listing for each user, to prevent this platform from overloaded names & abusement.
I know there are people who willing to sell quality name for cheap that they bought for $1.

I am kind of new here but would that not take away from all of the other creatives. If the CH goes directly to the Marketplace they will not see anyone else’s work outside the Marketplace.

Perhaps only creatives that have a proven track record on here will be allowed to enter domains into a marketplace? That way pro-domainers can’t just hop on here and flood the marketplace.

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Hi everyone!

We appreciate your feedback and understand your concerns about the new Domain Marketplace. I would like to clarify though that this is not expected to be a “free form” marketplace where anyone can start listing names for sale. Nor is it meant to take participation away from naming contests.

The main goal for the Domain Marketplace is to allow creatives to protect their names before submitting them to the naming contests and to provide them with another avenue to offer these names for sale.

This will be an added benefit to those creatives who have been on our platform for some time. Creatives will need to have a certain number of points to use the marketplace.The names will go through an approval process, which means that we will only publish a curated set of names in our marketplace.

Please bear with us, this is a new feature that our team is working on to benefit creatives. We have created this concept in an effort to eliminate issues where domains are registered before a winner has been selected.

More to come on this later, but please rest assured that this change is not designed to take the focus away from the core strengths of our platform!



I am really glad that SH is doing this. This is going to bring more customers who would go to “other” companies that are already doing this. It will draw those looking for a quick name and then draw in those who don’t see the exact name they want.

SH is doing a lot of really great things to snag those customers from other platforms. This is making SH a “one stop shop” for everything to do with names. I’m loving it.

I don’t think this is a good idea. I think it will hurt new creatives and those who have been around awhile and are trying hard to improve their ratings