Newbie Questions for the Group.


Hello all,

I am new to SH. I have gotten 7 domains listed in the Premium Market place and I added a few others to the Basic Plus market place. I am still trying to gauge what they are looking for on the approval process on submissions, and so far find it a big head scratcher. But I have gotten the 7 I have approved in about a week of sign up and am slightly above 15% approval rating on getting them. I have hundreds of 5 and 6 LLL domains that another large Branding Site seems to happily take. The few I have submitted here have all been rejected, so I stopped submitting them and started submitting 2 word and word blends. Any advice you can give on what works best for you guys would be appreciated.

How long does it normally take for logo’s to be added to the premium domains?

My next question is on Basic Plus market place listings. While I have not entered any contests yet, I did put 3 in here to see how the extra names would help my view stats. But it looks like the only stats you see are premium stats. Is there any place to see view stats on Basic or Basic Plus listings?

For those of you that list in the basic plus market place. How do you feel this improves portfolio sell through rate. I currently put most domains not a on one of the brand-able sites one of the syndicated sales sites for domain syndication. But if SH truly has a 6% plus sale though rate I may try moving some over… But does that sale through rate only apply to the premium market place?

For those selling in the Basic Plus market place what do you find to be a sweet spot on price in the area of the platform?

Now for the Contests. I am intrigued by this, but also a little put off by them on their ability to protect me as a creative provider. The idea of submitting ideas and winning sounds fun, but I am puzzled that as a contest participant I may need to sign an NDA to protect the contest holder, but what does the CH sign to protect the creative.

So let say a contest holder does a contest for $300 prize and gets 1200+ name submissions for their contest. They elect a winner, and life goes on but a few days later they decide to register a several other names they were given, or file for TM on tag lines they were given. The only way I can see the creative protecting agains this is to pre-registrar the names prior to submission. As far as tag lines go I am sure no creative on here could afford to TM everyone they submitted.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


I struggled at times with understanding what names might get approved. It seems I’m more successful on 2 words domains. Had 0 success with 5 and 6 letters, but those look to sell very well on this platform. Regarding contests, off course it’s better to submit registered domains, but my experience with unregistered domains was highly positive so far and I have no complaints. TM for taglines by creatives is definitely out of the question :slight_smile: I’m very curious about results with basic plus domains myself(including wholesale marketplace), maybe some will agree to share their experience.


There is another thread on sell through rate.


@Breezez Welcome to SH! I’m pretty new here myself so I’m sure other creatives that have been here longer will be of more help to you. The help section has a lot of articles that are really good when you’re just starting out. They can be a pain to navigate sometimes, I often ended up seeing the same article a couple times while missing others. But there is a lot of info there that will help with policies, conduct, site navigation, etc. The blue help button is good too and of course here in the forum.

I do know you can check domain availability on your main contest entries page and if a domain was registered within 30 days from your contest submission date you can report domain registered with SH. There will be an option to report it. I’m not sure exactly what follows, I do know they have a procedure in place though.

That’s probably about all I can help you with as of now. I do think you will like it here. SH seems to be really responsive to creative’s suggestions and feedback, although sometimes the changes seem a little excessive and quite constant.

I hope this helped answer some of your questions at least. Good luck with everything!


Many of us have Basic Plus Listings domains that are still not visible on the market. Unfortunately, requests do not help them get premium status. But these domains are listed on the SH with a change in DNS. Other sites do not approve them when DNS belongs to competitors. As a result, domains do not benefit their owners. I would really like the SH team to resolve the issue for those creatives who trusted and completely transferred their domains here. Previously, it was enough to get two likes to make the domain visible on the market. Now this algorithm does not work. We are announced the achievement that for these domains now the SH will take a commission of only 15%. But what is the use of this commission if customers do not find these domains at all? I am ready to pay the SH the previous commission, provided that all BPL domains will accepted on the SH marketplace. I urge SH team to resolve this issue as soon as possible.



Thanks for all the comments and advice. I got my 11th approval to the Premium Market Place today… I started my Journey with SH on 9/17 so averaging getting 5.5 approved a week.

I guess it will take a while at this pace to get my account size up at this pace but I have had fun in the process.

I find one thing confusing though that maybe someone can respond to. When looking at stats on my premium listings. I see I have one with a couple with flames by them (1) has half the the view of a different listing. The (1) with half the views shows popularity at 100% and has 1 short listing. One of the ones with a flame by it and double the views has 3 short listings and has popularity of about 0-5% Wouldn’t the one with most views and #of short listings have the highest popularity?

Thanks again for your responses in advance…


I also wish someone would provide answer to the popularity ‘flame’ icon. I am new here and only have two names. But the one with lower views and no shortlist has the popularity flame to it. The question is what made it popular?


The flame means it has been put on several buyers shortlists.
As far as what made it popular… …that’s anyone’s guess. You would have to get into the head of the buyer for that information.


Wait I stand corrected… If you see a “flame” icon next to the domain, it indicates that the domain is one of the highly popular names in the marketplace.