Newbie Here.Please help


Hey guys!
OK so please bear with me…I’m super new to this…
How exactly does marketplace work?
How can I register my own domain and then submit it?
What websites do you use?
How much do you pay? For how long?
Do you guys have any other suggestions on money-making tips for squadhelp? other than winning contests?


You can simply blue button it for help


If you look in SH’s FAQ, you will find lots of answers to your questions about the marketplace and everything else. Every domainer is different in terms of where we buy names. I keep all of mine at Godaddy because I do not like managing multiple sites. Cost - depends on the name.


Hi! Usually registering a .com domain costs around 9 USD and the same applies for every 1 year extension. Usually you get good deals on godaddy for the first name (google for vouchers; my fist one cost me around 1/2/3 usd I think). Also, it might be cheaper to pay for 2 years from the start. But, as you mentioned you’re being new, I definitely recommend you to be patient and learn as much as possible about naming and domains first (few months at least). Otherwise, you’ll most likely join the huge number of domainers(almost all of them) that regret their first registered domains and don’t extend them as they realize they’re no good.Also, keep in mind that domains registration is usually a quite long term investment (most of your domains will probably just never sell, or maybe sell in 10 years) and I guess that selling 3-4-5% of your portfolio in one year is something rather extraordinary. P.S: I’m definitely not the most experienced domainer around, maybe you’'ll get further advice from more qualified people.