Newbie Domainer Confusion

This is where I’m at:

I submitted 8 domains and I paid for 3 to be reviewed for premium.

I got one rejection for premium. I wrote to SH and asked if 2 others had been reviewed. I guess they have all be rejected for premium. Totally fine.

I was told that all 3 are Standard listings and to point the registered names at the SH. They are all still show as “pending verification” though and I don’t own the names yet. I thought that SH would give me the option to pay them to buy the names once they were approved as Premium or Standard.

I don’t know which of my names are Standard listings because I don’t see any of them as being approved, just “verification pending”.


Should I go and register all these domains? Does SH not give you the option to buy through them?

Are there any seasoned domainers with a little knowledge about review process because I’m a bit lost by all this. Much much appreciated.

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Hi Scout,
You cannot buy domains through SH and you can’t list names in Standard Listings unless you own them and point the DNS to Squadhelp through your registrar (like Godaddy or wherever you register them).

On the question of whether you should register them or not - that is where it gets complicated. If you do register them and add them to Standard Listings AND pay SH for additional marketing, then you can enter them in contests. As far as I know you have to do that to be able to enter them.

Otherwise, standard listings get very few views and are not worth the time and money. So the long answer to your question is (in my opinion) don’t register them (unless you want to protect them, go through the steps and enter them in contests).


Also, Scout, I just re-read what you said and need to clarify:
If you submit a name to SH for the marketplace and they reject it - it is rejected for Premium listing. SH does NOT approve Standard Listings. You can add any names you own as standard listings with no approval process.

And the part about “to pay them to buy the names once they were approved” - that isn’t how it works. When you submit a name for approval for the marketplace, you check a box that says I want SH to buy it or I want to buy it myself. If you choose I want SH to buy it and they approve the name for premium, then you get a notification and you need to accept their terms. Once you do that, then SH does purchase the domain.


I wish you had a PayPal tip jar Clinks.

What’s your experience been like with landing premium domains? No pressure to respond–this was more than enough. : )

Thank you.


While I really like the landing pages, names that are standard listings (for me) hardly get any visitors, even though I paid for extra marketing.