New winner will be selected for Domain Name For Rave/Party/EDM Clothing With LED Lights Company CLOSED

We have disqualified the winner due to violation of our Terms of Service. Please mark any entries as “Best Entries” so we can consider them. We will be selecting a winner after 2 days.


good work ;-)…

Good work SH!! :wink:

Good job SH ! :v:

Hear me out here. I have my suspicions about the winner of the

Felt the winner was a headscratching name even with his “Unrelated name” criteria. There are many similarities between this contest unfair winner and the winner of that contest (New creatives who have participated around 10 contests, pretty faced lady as profile image, similar neutral/high ratings pie etc). I maybe completely wrong or barking up the wrong tree with a conspiracy theory, but would have some peace of mind if Squadhelp investigated that contest and the winning contestant/contest holder.


I thought it strange too, and have also been noticing this pattern in regard to the name, pretty female, and participation in 8 to 10 contest.

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why winner has been disqualified? what was the exact reason? though i have not participated in this contest… just wanted to know as what was the violation?

I admit I spent way too much time trying to think “left field luxury” on this one, to never get better than a 3 star. But I actually think I let out a “huuuh?” on the kind of word he was looking for/chose. This one puzzled me, but way to go joining SH a couple of days before the comp ends, and winning!

I marked two best entries but they never seem to show up marked that way. Maybe I can’t see it, but you guys can…? This has happened on several.

are you using a laptop or some other device ?