New thing- blocked from contests


Hi all. Anybody else been blocked from contest? Getting note “CH accepting names from smaller pool of creatives…”. Wow, no feedback just :frowning: and boom your blocked? What are your thoughts? I think they should note their brief before we waste our time, you?


Not new, but very rare. Happened to everyone a few times, don’t stress yourself about it. Some contests have 2.000+ entries so it is reasonable that CHs decide to reduce number of participants based on their first batch of submitted entries. If I was a CH I would definitely use that option.


Yeah, I asked one time if SH could add a note on a contest when the CH is blocking people. I would like to know that before I dive in, just like I think twice about entering contests where there are 350 rejected names and no likes, etc. I think it’s only fair that we know. We have been talking about blocking on another string somewhere else, too. We don’t even know if we have been blocked unless we try to enter again. One time I had entered only one name and was in the process of thinking hard about more… and got blocked. It is rare, though.


Yes, it happened to me recently on a $1,000 contest. Discouraging because I had just thought of what I figured was a great name and was unable to enter it.


Yes, were you talking about the thread on percentile scores dropping and how being blocked from contests can have a huge affect on your percentile ranking? Like you said, it is very rare to be blocked. I can only recall a few contests I’ve been blocked from. One time, I had just started submitting names and had likes along with comments, ‘Please submit more along these lines.’ Next thing I know, I went to submit a name and they chose to block me and I suppose others to only accept names from a smaller pool. So confusing. But, I just moved on. I had no idea a CH deciding to only accept names from a smaller pool can drastically drop your percentile. So I guess that’s something we all need to be aware of. I always thought it was solely based on high rank percentages compared to other creatives. My percentile took a nosedive last month in spite of being on the leaderboard. Yet, I can only recall being blocked maybe 2 or 3 times over the course of a year.