New .realestate domain


Halfway through a home inspection contest, the contest owner told us “We are interested in incorporating .realestate into the name.” How do we do this when there is only a .com option available? He even mentioned it on one of my entries and I haven’t replied because I’m afraid of saying something that’s against the rules. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


Tell them to contact admin about the extension they need.


SH is not able to add a .realestate extension. So, continue to submit as usual and the CH can check to see if it is available in .realestate (which it most likely will be). Tell him in your reply that you are not able to sub .realestate because his contest is not enabled for that - or just say nothing. We are not required to do that kind of research and if you give him a great .com, he should be thrilled.


Thank you. I’ll do that.