New rating doesn't show name or contest

@Dan I just received a new rating in my activity feed but it doesn’t show the name it’s for or the contest.

Thought I’d post it here in case anyone else had the same thing happen…?


Having the same issue. Got a no thank you but I have no clue what contest or entry

Me too but strangely it’s now gone.

It was a temporary glitch related to a recent update, and was showing an empty activity for all users. It should be corrected now.


Speaking of glitches, for the Special technical services contest I’m getting double ratings for all of my entries. Thx

For about two days now I have not been receiving any of my SH emails. They said it might be my email server. Just checking if anyone else has had this problem?

Not me, I still receive the emails.

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I had this problem with yahoo mail, so I started using my gmail account and now get all of the emails.

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