New Orleans Venue contest

Sometime between last night and this morning the CH changed the entry options from URL to Title only… by the time I saw that change in contest my URL name was already taken as a title, but the URL was rated last night…

I did post a comment in the contest to ask the CH if he will be considering the URLs as titles, or should we resubmit…

Being impatient, i resubmitted what I could as titles…

Are all the entries time stamped as they get submitted? Did i just miss out on a possibly winning entry because the CH changed the submission options?

Thoughts? Insights?

I have no competitive ratings in that contest. My thoughts would be to reward the first contestant to submit the idea (you?) and possibly give a bonus to the other contestant if their version of the name is being used. Bonuses are worth a lot of points if not $ these days!

Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate that. There is still plenty of time on the contest, hopefully the CH will rate more so we can see what direction he’s going.

It was just a nice feeling, that as of last night one of my entries was one of his top ratings :smile:

Ive only been on SH a few weekes now