New Navigation Window


What is with the new navigation window? I don’t know if people are having the same problem I am…but on my phone or tablet, I cannot even see what I need to,as the sidebar that’s coming up now takes up almost half the page,and you can’t get rid of it. So for example,if I am trying to see my activity log…I can’ t see it,as the navigation bar is covering it. I do not not like this at all. I much prefer the old drop down menu. Please change it back! We need things simplified…not made more difficult. Thanks


I fully agree . I’ve been encountering this difficulty over the past several days. Sent message through web site and stated problem was being directed to Squad’s tech team.


I just encountered the same issues.I B
Bd it…I thought maybe it was displaying differently due to getting a different phone.Its still the same on my tablet though. I don’t like the new navigation either…there’s soooo much missing :disappointed:


SH…I don’t know about others…but I really dislike this new dashboard.It is harder to navigate, I have trouble finding things I am looking for easily…I don’t like the font, setup, anything about it.I don’t know why you found it necessary to change something that was fine the way it is. I don’t need things that are more complicated and waste my time and brain cells trying to navigate. Please bring the old,simpler one back!! Thanks!