New 'Multiple Domain Entry' Feature


Multiple Domain Entry Feature

Based upon the feedback we have received we have now added a new feature which will allow you to submit more than one domains per entry.

Starting tomorrow (Decenmber 6th), this feature will be available in contests that accept minor variations of domain names. You will be able to submit up to 3 domain options per entry as “suggested variations”.

This way, you don’t have to submit a separate entry for every single variation and the CH will be able to get more options on domain names that might work for their selected entry. This will also help with the amount of entries being submitted to the CH. We hope you enjoy this new feature and thank you to @Commulinks for the suggestions!



WOW!!! This is fantastic news!! Thank you SH!!!


@RachelSH - I want to let the team know there is a slight glitch in the multi-domain feature. If you click the + sign and then don’t submit a name in the added box, the system won’t let you enter the others. Hopefully this makes sense. It’s always hard to explain some things like this. So what happens is you put a domain in box one. Then you go exploring in box 2 for another variation and don’t find one… and you can’t get rid of box 2 (or 3) to enter only box 1.

I LOVE this new feature!


Essentially there needs to be a delete option or collapse option after the second domain option is added into the entry. This way if the second domain option is not utilized it can be removed to allow submission of just one instead of requiring both boxes to have entries within them. Either that or devise a system to where you can technically submit a blank entry under this method but the system clears it out with submission if nothing is included. Any of these options would work. Otherwise as it stands right now, we have to completely exit out of the submission panel in order to void the second domain option. Also, is it just me or did the adding of this feature remove the ‘x’ on the submission panel? Because I tried to exit out of the panel when this very thing happened to me last night, and could no longer find the ‘x’ is the ex gone completely, only hen this happens, or is it just not showing for me for some reason?


Also, when you’re entering more than one entry and decide to add a variation to one, it adds a new “variation box” to each separate entry.


@Chasity2ku ohh thank you for bringing that up, I hadn’t caught that yet. That means if we submitted two entries instead of just one and we entered an alternative domain for one, we’d have to come up with one or the other? Lol. Wow. Yeah, glad this was caught so it can be taken care of, hopefully.


@RachelSH Just got a “love” for a company name, where I submitted three options for the domain. Hypothetically speaking - if CH picks my entry. I assume CH will then pick one out of the three domains and promptly register it. My question is: would all three domain options be displayed for all to see? or is CH forced to pick one domain at that point?


Great question! @woods30

When submitting multiple domains, creatives should keep in mind that this feature is most useful when submitting name options with minor variations. If an option name is very different from the first name entered, we suggest submitting it as a separate entry.

If a multiple domain entry is selected as a winner in a contest, only the company name is displayed on the winner board (not the winning domain that was submitted with it). But if you go to the contest page, the winning name and domain are displayed there together. The first domain that was entered in the entry is the domain that will be displayed.

Here is a current example of the name “MarketMakers” that has won and submitted entries with multiple domain options (these are not the examples that were actually used in this contest):

Another way to use the multiple domain feature would be to submit the same domain name but with a few extension options. Hope this helps!