New Message Center

Message Center

We have made some changes to the messaging. The new Message Center will allow the CHs to see all messages including entry comments in one place! They will also be reminded of any unread entry comments to make sure they don’t miss any important updates or questions from Creatives.

Creatives will also benefit from this change. A Creative’s Message Center will now display all messages or comments made by CHs on their entries in their own message center.

We hope you enjoy the new layout and find it useful!


Thanks!!! Where do we see all this?

When I click on my message icon I get:
The page isn’t working

@RachelSH …when I try and click to my messages…it re-directs to the SH homage to start a contest

Hi @Commulinks @jackieheraty

Thank you for the feedback, we have fixed the link. You should be able to click on the messages icon and navigate to the Messages Center now.


Hey, Squahelp, I know I am old but not THAT old…
Messages I’m looking at from CHs show they were sent 2047 years ago. Seriously, that is what it says. LOLOLOL.

@RachelSH: There is a symbol (2) orange colored on the right of envelope-icon. But I have no new messages. This symbol hasn’t disappeared after several entrances to the section of messages. Thanks in advance for the answer and elimination of a bug.

I have the same problem!

@LauraE @jackieheraty Our team is working on fixing this issue now, thank you for letting us know!

@Commulinks Wow! That is very interesting, we will absolutely look into that :grinning:


Thanks, Rachel! The bug has crept away.

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When I am sending Message from “my Messages” It freez on sending data and it did not tell us that message is sent or not.
Just show sending data and no action, for this cause same message sent over and over.