New Meanings for Words Game | For fun or to challenge yourself

New Definitions for Common Words Game

Inspired by a post by @Commulinks we are starting up another game for everyone to have fun and challenge themselves. Here is the inspiring post and article for such, so you can get a better basis of understanding:

From this, a game is being derived that should be funny, challenging, and give everyone something to do in down times whenever they wish.


  • Use common, ordinary, REAL words
  • Give the word and REAL definition for the word then give your new definition for the word
  • feel free to use examples, gifs, pictures, etc to support your new meaning
  • You can do many words in one post or do one word at a time, however you feel comfortable, just let a few people reply after you before posting again.
  • PLEASE reply and comment on people’s ideas – just do so by using reply (to them) button and QUOTING their post so people aren’t confused what’s going on and things don’t get too much off topic.
  • PLEASE feel free to like posts to be supportive of those that have funny/good ideas (the point of this game is to have fun and show love to the funny and creative responses)
  • It should go without saying, but please be respectful, please follow forum rules, and keep questionable topics/words/responses out of this game. Use your best judgement and be responsible, please.

(my first example isn’t the greatest but is to just get the game going)


  • Old meaning - 1. a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress. 2. assistance, especially in the form of food, clothing, or money, given to those in special need or difficulty.

  • New meaning - what trees do in the Spring to celebrate still being alive.

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Yours is so classy, @Rareworthy. Here’s a couple that aren’t. LOLOL

old meanings - A sheaf containing peas; a pea plant and also a clinker-built open double-ended boat used for fishing in Maine
New meaning: A portapotty

Old meaning: a small fish especially up to one year of age
New meaning: Using one finger for special lingo

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Those are hilarious, though! :joy: Also, peapod is a cute name for a portapot business! :bulb: Or maybe even a toddler potty training toilet or device. Lol.

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I’d really love to see more of our colleagues join in the fun. It’s really good for the SH thinking process!!! Come on, creatives!!!

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Old definition: a typeface with thick strokes.
New Definition: Stating your political opinion on Facebook

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Old definition: A magical word or phrase uttered with the intention of bringing about evil or destruction; a curse.
New definition: A word or phrase that is said to sound masculine.

Old definition: the elongated ridges on the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain, thought to be the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system.
New definition: A campus for a university that has a hippo as a mascot.

Note: These are still lame, I need to be more creative here, lol


LOLOLOLOL!!! Here’s mine off of yours…
Malediction: Addicted to males
Hippocampus: A college campus only for hippies



Old definition: an act or means of sealing off a place to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving.
New definition: a refreshing adult beverage I indulge in when I have writer’s block on Squadhelp.


Yay, @geniuswaitress, thanks for joining in! I’m about to pour me a glass of blockade right now!


Old definition:

  1. a tropical plant of the pea family, which was formerly widely cultivated as a source of dark blue dye.
  2. the dark blue dye obtained from the indigo plant.

New definition:
A business trip to Indianapolis that you don’t necessarily want to take
Used in a sentence: “I must to Indigo”

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Old meaning: dislike intensely
New meaning: the act of trying to stop thinking about the test you took earlier in the day