New Marketplace Dashboard


Based on the feedback from the community, we have just launched an expanded Marketplace Dashboard that contains a breadth of stats.

Check it out here:

We are excited about this advancement, as we believe it will help the community make more informed decisions related to renewals, portfolio expansion, and more.

This is a beta launch, so some of the metrics may not be loading correctly at this time. (We will fix this over the next few days.)

We look forward to your feedback regarding what additional insights you’d be interested in seeing within this Dashboard for future updates.


THANK YOU GRANT AND SQUADHELP!!! This platform is truly and obsession I’m not afraid to admit i own! The expanded Marketplace Dashboard is LOVELY! The details, flow charts, graphs, domains sold, time span, etc. is so informative and so inspiring!

Thank you for always listening to our family feedback and making changes, trial and error, and allowing our voices to be heard. Great job, once again!


I really like the new dashboard.

I really appreciate the sorting and searching tools!

In terms of additional stats I would love to see:
-Percentage of total sold on marketplace in the last 30 days & over all time by type of name (blend, compound,, etc. … for the entire marketplace
-Percentage of names sold by industry in the last 30 days & over all time (according to SH’s categories) on the entire marketplace
–Added after I posted originally: Percentages by domain length last 30 days and all time…
These help us to know what the trends are…and where our portfolios may be lacking.

It would be really nice if names that received SLs in the previous 24 hours were highlighted or starred or something.

There are still some outstanding issues (I reported before): not being able to put Basic Plus names on installments, not being able to add discounts to our premium owned domains. I’ve reported these through Blue Bubble… a while ago but I understand you are busy. The issue of adding discounts to owned domains is really important. I was told SH waits 6 months to add that feature to a name but I have a few that had that from the beginning and I really would like to have that on all my owned names.

Thanks so much for working on the dashboard! I love stats!!! A Lot! I really love knowing where I stand against everyone, too. I love the seller spotlight. I think that is new today? Congrats to those on that list! And holy cow to @AbleBrands!!! Yowza! You are a powerhouse!

PS: It would also be great to have the top search terms for the marketplace!


Very cool dashboard. Thanks! @Grant What is the seller spotlight based on?

As for @ablebrands - she’s one of the best brandable domainers out there and owns a portfolio of aged domains that’s a great fit for SH both from a quality perspective and from a cost of acquisition VS profit perspective. Her portfolio of 5 letter domains especially is a gift that keeps on giving. I wish I was smart enough to buy a bunch of good ones when they were cheaper.


Awesome! Would love to see more relevant statistics, as Commulinks already stated. One question regarding the marketplace: if I get a name pre-approved, is there a time limit on my side to confirm it?


@raresfarcas I asked about this before. There isn’t exactly a limit, but if you wait too long and they accept other similar names in the meantime, the approval offer can be withdrawn. I think they like to have an answer as soon as possible.


@Grant, I wanted to mention as well that top trending names in the dashboard should really be those with the most shortlists in this month. My top trending names aren’t what I consider to be top trending. For me, it is all about shortlists!


Hi All - Thank you for your thoughtful replies and ideas. They will be reviewed carefully for future updates.


Hey @Grant, I mentioned this before but I don’t think I really said this clear enough. “Trending names” should be based more on trending (shortlists) in the marketplace in a given month, not contests. The only reason I know which of my names are trending is because I keep track of shortlisting myself. And they don’t align at all with what the dashboard says.

Also, many names that I know are getting a lot of marketplace attention, are not marked with the flames while others that aren’t getting much attention have flames and the “strong buyer interest” notation on the name when you look at it in the marketplace.

I’m hoping these things can be fixed. Thanks!


As mentioned previously, Trending Names takes into account multiple sales signals, of which shortlisting is only one. While we cannot divulge the exact formula involved, one aspect is the recent level of interest, so older shortlists do not have as much weight.

We do believe Trending Names accurately serves its function. Still, we will continue to work to hone this algorithm to make sure to showcase the most promising names.

Flames are a relative measure. Similar to percentile score, we look at your names in comparison to other Creative’s marketplace names. In this way, flames represent top names that have recent interest across the platform.


@Grant, I have to respectfully disagree. I have names that have really high marketplace shortlists this month that are not trending and they should be. Many also don’t have flames and that impacts buyer decisions. If a buyer sees the “strong interest” message, they know they are on to something with a name and may choose to buy a “strong interest” name over another name. Trending also matters to me as a creative. With the time between sales, sometimes it is our best motivating factor. I hope SH will rethink this concept.


Thank you for this feedback. We will definitely keep an eye on this algorithm.