New Logos I Never Asked for

I am getting really tired of getting emails saying that a name I added months ago has a new logo. I blue buttoned this and the answer I got was that I need to rate or give better ratings on logos.

Listen, logo designers, if people rate the logo yellow, it means they just aren’t thrilled. And that is the rating. Period. If it is not rated at all, it CAN mean that we are just trying to be polite by giving no rating at all.

I am not going to rate a love it just to stop people from sending me logos over and over again. Some of the logos haven’t even changed. I am just being sent the notice to try and get a rating. Not a great strategy because if I didn’t rate it, it is probably because I don’t like it.

Suggestion to designers: The best thing to do is see if you read the original message sent for the logo design. Because the main reason I do not rate is because nobody read the first message.



Nicely said. I never want to hurt feelings either but if I say nothing it means it missed the mark.


Exactly! Same reasoning here. I know the designer has worked hard and the ratings are important, so if i don’t like it I’ll often rate it yellow.