New Landing Pages - Has it affected sales?

@grant It’s been a few months since we’ve had these new landing pages. Could we have SH feedback on whether sales rates have improved or dropped please?

Feedback from SquadHelp members? When it comes to sales has anything changed?

For me, I’m actually selling more names on Afternic than SH since this change.



Based upon our analysis so far, the new landers are outperforming the old design on all key metrics (e.g. bounce rate, time spent, purchase conversion).

In our experience, the only way to accurately gauge the impact of changes is by measuring them side by side, using the same time horizon. Comparing the sales to previous months can give false insights especially during the current economic climate. Therefore, our analysis has focused on an ongoing A/B test during the same timeframe.

On the broader topic, the sales will continue to be unpredictable for some time due to the uncertainty in the economic climate. Many buyers are holding off on making decisions related to their startups and domain purchases, until there is a bit more clarity on the direction of the economy. This is not unique to SH platform, and we are continuing to push forward with aggressive marketing to ensure high exposure for domains.


I’ve also seen lower sales since the change – Afternic has been performing equal or a little better for me.

What’s been frustrating on top of the slowdown is the broken views/shortlists. Hopefully these stats will be fixed soon so we can at least get a sense of the exposure we’re getting (or not getting).

Update: seeing some positive movement in sales recently. Thanks to the SH team for its commitment to additional marketing efforts in a slower market.