New Heart Icon Feature!

New ‘Heart Contest Icon’ Feature

We are excited to announce the addition of Heart Icons on contests! This feature is designed to allow Creatives the opportunity to express their interest or appreciation of CH participation in a contest. Creatives can like a contest for any reason, such as if they feel that the brief is well written, constructive feedback is given, or if you are simply just interested in the contest! It is a matter of personal preference for each creative, just like how you can can like other aspects on the website (such as winning names, or discussion comments etc).

This feature is designed to encourage the CHs participation! The CH does not see who actually liked their contest. We will be adding more changes related to this feature soon in order to encourage more participation and engagement from CH as well as creatives.

Also, we will be adding few more updates such as, Creatives will be able to see the number of likes in a contest on the Active Contest page, to see which contests are the most “popular” or “liked” by others. This will also offer an incentive for CH’s to provide more feedback and make sure that their brief is well written because more likes will lead to more participation in their contest.