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As our community continues to grow, we will transition the forum into a place where Creatives can help Creatives.

We hope that long-time Creatives will take leadership roles in supporting new Creatives - and that the entire community will use the forum to support each other (because, we succeed together :smiley:).

Squadhelp will continue to monitor the forum and use it to make important announcements and share updates. Also, the How Would You Improve the Site (cont’d) thread will remain a great place for you to post your ideas and suggestions.

However, we will no longer be able to reply to all queries and comments. Therefore, if you have a specific question, you should use the Blue Button on any page of to contact the support team.

Also, due to some performance issues, we have started fresh threads for these topics
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I have recently run across two questions that really need to be answered in public by SH for the sake of everyone who will have the same question. So maybe SH can adjust its direction for the forum accordingly?

The questions are:

  1. Let’s say we have a name that is in the running for a win on a contest that was available when we subbed it a month ago but it is now listed in the marketplace under another creative. If the CH chooses that name as the winner, does the creative who entered it into the contest get the prize or no? Or some variation thereof?

  2. Let’s say a CH says they want a premium one-word .com domain in a contest. The newest rules say that we are not allowed to submit outside domains. Our only options are to a) submit a name from the marketplace if we are lucky enough to have real, one word .com domain there or b) a real .com domain that we own and are willing to receive the prize award for. Am I correct? Because since the new rule was instituted, it would seem that premium, one word .com names are still being sought (names outside of the marketplace).



Yes! So confused on a few of these points also! I am really perplexed by the second question since I thought I had it figured out and then, 8 minutes ago, a SH contest coordinator reminded us of the huge budget and told us to submit ourname-SC again!


@Commulinks, Just have a question for you about your 1st. question. Great question, btw, but wouldn’t the name then or now show TAKEN in the contest? Assuming it is for a domain only contest, I mean. Thanks, Commu.

@Kral no it doesn’t show taken. It shows that “green” symbol and when you hover over it, it says this name is owned by the creative. But it doesn’t say by “another” creative. I have had this happen several times.


@Kral, what Jackie said is what I saw, too. It even tells ME that I can purchase the domain through the marketplace.

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Thanks. Haven’t come across that so far. Just wondered what the scenario was regarding the subject. Thanks to you too, @jackieheraty. I appreciate it!

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Hi @Commulinks,

  1. If a name is submitted by a Creative and it becomes the winner of a given contest, that Creative will receive the contest award amount. We always do our best to minimize any situations like the one you described, but they may happen from time to time.

  2. Here is our most up-to-date policy:

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