New Features for Submitting Premium and Instant Domains Domains to Contest

In all future contests, Squadhelp will be explicitly asking Contest Holders if they are interested in Premium Domains.

  • In contests where a CH indicates that they are interested in reviewing premium domains, Creatives will be able to submit their Instant Domains at the full listed price.

  • If a Contest Holder indicates that they are not interested in accepting premium domains, Creatives can still submit their Instant Domains into the contest, but this will be facilitated through My Owned Domains, and the Creative will receive only the contest award amount if their name is chosen as the contest winner.

There will not be additional steps required to submit your Instant Domains at full price in contests open to premium domains. When you submit an Instant Domain to a contest that is open to premium domains, you will simply see a message stating that the domain is available for full price.

Example - If you submit a domain that is listed on Instant Domains for $999 to a contest with an award amount of $200, here is how your award amount will be handled:

  • if open to premium domain, the domain will be offered at a discounted price to the Contest Holder and you will still receive the full commission, 40% of $999.
  • if not open to premium domains, you will receive the $200 award amount.

Quick question.

What would happen if a contest holder is open to premium domains but they then pull in an instant recommendation (which happens to also be a name in the marketplace)?


Thanks for continuing to review and tweak the system. This specific change doesn’t seem like it’s particularly relevant to what I was talking about but it’s an opening for more revenue for creatives and for SH and that’s good. I hope you’ll continue to review the options.

However, I think you guys need to be careful with the distinctions you are making and how you’re presenting things to CHs. At the moment you’re offering only hand registered domains and labeling them as ‘premium’. But the only real distinction between the domains in the marketplace and domains that are offered at contests is that these names were vetted by you and were registered. Since you guys are branding experts this vetting is worth something but still… it’s somewhat problematic to offer only hand registered domains and call them premiums when days earlier they were available and were offered for free via contests.

As I mentioned in a comment on the other thread- ‘premium’ is a slippery slope kind of word. It’s overused to death in domaining and is usually used as a magic word that “justifies” a higher price tag regardless of the quality. All marketplaces offer hand registered domains for high prices but they also offer truly high end domains from niches you’ll never find available to hand reg. They also don’t offer available domains via contests at the same time- domains which are basically the same as the ones labeled ‘premium’. That’s another reason why offering CHs a mix of truly high end domains along with the rest of the marketplace domains would make sense. It gives more perspective to the prices and it can probably boost sales of the lower priced names as well. Everybody loves to feel like they got a good price. That’s my two cents worth anyway.

So… I think I’m way over my word quota as usual so I’ll stop here. Thanks again for reading and evaluating feedback whether you agree with it or not. :slight_smile:


Whilst not exactly on this discussion @moretal, I do remember @grant saying that there would come a day (not in the immediate future) that we could add our own domains to their marketplace.

Given that we can now offer our SH owned domains in contests at their full value, it would make sense if we could do the same with our own domains on the SH marketplace. A commission structure would have to be ironed out of course, as the current agreement would not work with our domains but that aside, this w/could be a solution that suits everyone, the CHs, the creatives and SH.


I did notice this yesterday in the briefs and one contest listed $500 as their Premium Domain limit.

So, my question is, will the limit they set show their discounted price or the retail price? I am guessing the retail price, but since the CH mentioned the $500 limit and all of the Premium Domains here are at least $699, I figured I would ask. The domains here do start at $699 right?

Is SH making the CH’s aware of the prices in the Premium Domain market?

Does the CH input a number into the form or do they select the amount they are willing to spend using tick boxes or a pull-down?


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We are working on an update that will prevent this.

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Recently a marketplace name entered into a contest prominently shows a star (With “Premium domain” tag and price). I am worried contest holders (not open to premium names) will think the name is being offered for full price ($699 for example) and pass. Maybe something to make clear to them that the name is offered at “Contest prize value”, unless the contest permits premium domains?


@lightless - When you submit one of your Squadhelp Marketplace Names into a contest that is not open to premium domains, the submission will be facilitated via My Owned Domains, and the CH will see that the domain is owned by you, the Creative, and it will be transferred to them, the CH, if the name is chosen as the winner of their contest.

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On the topic of Instant domains, I find that many of the associated “Possible uses” and “Keywords” need reworking. For example, Travel (Which is a major category by itself) isn’t there in keywords, and is lumped with hotels in the possible uses section while “Restaurant” and “Software” appear twice.

Also any way we can add our custom keywords in “Possible uses” and “Keywords” while providing names for approval?


Grant forgive me but I am super confused…ok so we can submit our names to Squadhelp for the marketplace, and categorize them to submit for instant domains. Two separate things I thought. I was told that Squadhelp is not accepting names we already own to marketplace. I own two and was under the impression I could list them on my page? Lightless is right, I had no way to submit a plumbing name unless it was for construction and am a bit frustrated every time I use the dropdowns. This post talks about instant domains. I have seen there is a special way to enter for premium names…and was wondering If I would be able to enter my own owned names that way should it ever come up? I also had questions regarding submitting for approval…for example I know it costs points…but suppose you have lets say enough points for two submissions, but are submitting multiple names not knowing what will and wont get approved…will we be denied because our submissions outdo our points…similarly to applying to more than one bank to increase odds of loan? If we are getting denied due to that could we be notified?

Just A thought, I read somewhere that contest holders can use the forums too It seems to me that we aught to have a space for squadhelps to specifically address creatives and internal stuff?

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@Slogana - Thank you for your thoughts. We will continue to improve the Marketplace over time. Importantly, we will continue to refine the categories as we monitor purchase and search activity.

Regrading the current category list, as you’ve rightly pointed out, it is not an inclusive list of all possible industries. Instead, we have hand selected industries to target. (This list will likely grow with the marketplace.) We recommend that you use the Other category for any names that do not fit into the current category. You should not create false grouping by lumping Plumbing into Construction.

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