New Feature - Other Creatives submitting our Marketplace names


Can someone tell me how to find names you submitted to the marketplace that are rejected?


Kwazi, yes, go to your marketplace dashboard and your list of marketplace names. There is a dropdown list there that includes Premium listing, basic plus listings, etc, but also sold and rejected names.


Forgive my ignorance, but what is a Screening Contest ??? :thinking:


@AlwriteyThen Those are the contests new creatives have to participate in before they are granted full access to the site. Old contests over a year old, mostly.


Why are they able to enter others names for screening contests? Why bother screening?


Does anyone know what it looks like on our account if a domain we own wins a contest for another creative and the CH buys the name? Does it just look like a usual domain sale? Do we know if it came from a contest? What happens with the price?