New Feature - Other Creatives submitting our Marketplace names


Grant, I imagine this also means that if another creative were to get a Love/Shortlist on one of my names, it would mean I would be prevented from entering it into any contests until the CH decides what they are doing?

Also, will the owners of the domains get notifications that their name has been shortlisted in a contest they didn’t enter themselves? I would want to know if my names were tied up. I actually keep track of that when it happens on contests I enter myself.

Thanks. I am really on the fence about this idea. I am a little uneasy about all of the variables. I already have premium names that won contests that I am still stuck with. But I really want to give this a fair shot and think through it.


I see this working already. I’m able to submit names I don’t own into contests.

Will there be a button or something that will open up relevant names for contests or some easier method than going to the marketplace and searching for a name?


@Commulinks If another creative submits your premium domain, and receives a Like it or Love it rating, he/ she will not be allowed to submit it to other contests until a winner is selected for the original contest. However, you will still be able to submit that name to other contests in that scenario. If you receive a Love it or Shortlist on your own submission, then you will also not be allowed to resubmit to other contests until the winner is selected for original contest.

We may revisit these rules in the future because the current implementation does leave the room open for an entry to be submitted to a contest even though it was shortlisted in another contest (where it was submitted by a different creative).

Currently there are no notifications to domain owners when their premium domains are shortlisted in contests they didn’t enter themselves. However you will be able to see the stats of “Contest Loves” in your marketplace dashboard. In future we may add additional notifications related to this feature.


@AbleBrands you should now see a button in the Submit Entry section of the contest page, which will show all the premium domains where the domain seller allows submissions by other creatives.


It would be very cool if it also concerned Basic Listing Plus domains!


Hey Grant, I wanted you to know I got a notification when someone subbed one of my names to a contest, which was really nice to get. I can’t/won’t know what the rating is, but I am glad to know it happened. Maybe in the future we can get the other notifications. Thanks.


Oh, and a suggestion… I may be doing this wrong so forgive me if I am… I can’t find a way to search the names that are allowed to be subbed in contests by their categories. It appears that if you hit the link in the contest, it shows a list of names that are allowed, but if you try to search by category, the “allowed” search disappears… I could be wrong about that. I only tried a few but the url changed and it didn’t have the allowables in the domain.


I also want to thank the team for the opportunity to relax. Being high in the mountains, I will know for sure that my domains are offered in contests by my creative colleagues. I would like to expand the list of domains so that creatives can offer all the domains visible on the SH marketplace


Excellent feature, SH. Great job!


@grant do we get notifications for all or just some or … can you clarify?



We have made some updates, and you will now receive notifications for following activities:

  1. When someone submits your premium domain to a contest
  2. When that premium domain receives a Love it or a Like It rating

@Commulinks We will look into the search function - and fix this issue in the next 1-2 days.


THANK YOU!!! This helps so much!


I have been away from home for a family emergency,so have been unable to keep up with alot of the new stuff. Is my understanding correct that other people cannot submit your marketplace names unless you opt in? Thx


Yes, Holly. You just need to click the option in your marketplace dashboard…


Looked for it, but couldn’t find it - Where is it located, Clinks? :thinking:


@AlwriteyThen - go to market place “My Listing” , then on the left side in blue go down to the second to last icon (my account) and then a box will pop next to it, then go down to the last item “Seller Preference”


then go to “Submission to Contests” and select it there.



@jackieheraty Thank you, Sweetie! :kissing_heart:


@Grant I wanted to say that one issue I see with this is that when a name sells that was submitted by another creative, the owners can’t withdraw them from contests. Does SH remove them automatically? Thanks!


@grant Grant, I am struggling a bit with my names submitted to contests by other creatives. I know when they are submitted and I know when they are liked/loved but after that, I can’t get any further info. For example, if I put it on my watchlist and the contest closes, I can’t see or know if it was my name or not… We have to remember which contestant submitted our name to go look again. Hopefully that makes sense. We can’t track them like we track them when we sub them ourselves.


I just got a notification that my name was submitted to a contest, went to check and it turns out it is a screening contest. Is that normal? Can people do that?