New Feature - Other Creatives submitting our Marketplace names


@grant I saw and read the new feature allowing other creatives to submit our marketplace names, if we decide to choose that option. I have a question though…The link about this stated:

"If your name is selected as winner, the creative who submitted the domain will receive the full contest award.

If the customer purchases the domain, you will receive your full payout based upon the selling price and commission rules for that domain."

So what happens if the CH does NOT purchase the domain from the marketplace? The one creative already gets the full award amount, and the person who’s domain it is gets nothing. Ok, I get that, but that name is now blocked from ever being entered into any other contest again, saying “Great Name, but that name already won a contest.” This makes it completely unusable ever again. Need to know how this will be handled. THX!


Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Does the CH have a certain time allotted to register the domain before it goes back to the marketplace, or would that domain be blocked permanently? Also, what happens in the case of split awards? I assume the domains stay in the marketplace in that case. One other question. What about a domain that was not selected as a winner, but the CH likes it as a secondary and awards the creative who suggested it a bonus in order to register the domain. Does the other creative who owns the domain get paid for the domain in this case?


@jackieheraty @Betslogan

Good questions.

We will be making a change in the next few days that will allow creatives to continue to submit their premium domains to contests if the name previously won a contest but was not purchased. So if your premium domain is selected as a winner and the CH decides to not purchase that name, you can still continue to submit that domain to future naming contests.

@Betslogan The name will always stay in the marketplace, unless the CH actually decides to buy it. So there is really no time allotted to the CH to purchase the domain. Also, since the names are already in our premium domain marketplace, it means they are already registered. So if the CH wants to use that domain name for their business, their only option would be to purchase it from the Marketplace - they can’t register it.

Same thing with split awards - the domain always stays in the Marketplace. The creative who submitted the domain to the contest may receive their portion of the split award if they received the highest rating in the contest, and the contest was later abandoned.

If the CH likes this name as a secondary name in the example you described, their only option would be to purchase the domain (since the domain is no longer available for open registration).

If you actively participate in contests yourself, we do not recommend enabling this option for your domains. This will ensure that the names that you wanted to submit to a contest are not submitted by another creative before you had the opportunity to do so.

Hopefully this answers your questions. Since this is a Beta feature, it is likely some new scenarios come up that we haven’t thought about - and we would certainly address them as they come up.


The offer is tempting, but the creative that owns the domain loses if he takes part in the contest, since the contest fee is deducted from the purchase amount.


Are ALL past contest names that were never bought going to be allowed to be used again? It isn’t right to only allow that for Premium domains. Otherwise, we should be able to submit ALL past names we won with that were not bought, or bought and the biz is no longer around and domain is back out there available again. How can you allow some and not others?


This exception applies only to those names which were submitted as premium domain to the original contest. In those cases, the CH was clearly aware at the time of winner selection that the name is a premium domain, and will be continued to be offered for sale on SH platform unless they purchase it. Since the domain continues to be sold in SH marketplace to other customers, this change will allow that name to also be submitted to other contests as well.

For all other names, the general expectation by the CH is that they have already paid for the name via the contest award and no other payment is needed to acquire the name. Therefore, unfortunately we can not allow such names to be resubmitted to future contests.


What about names that are selected just because the CH wanted to give credit to a few SHARED creatives but didn’t want to use those actual selections or any selections they received from the contest? Because there are SEVERAL of us tied up with entries like that just because the CH wanted to give credit to those that deserved it for effort but didn’t want any entries. Our names are being locked up without ability to use in cases where CHs have explicitly said they just wanted to split credit to certain creatives yet did not want any entries.

Edited to add:

By your description this would mean that all creatives selected should have received the contest award – or one creative should have and the other should have gotten a ‘bonus’ in the way it seems that SH has done bonuses before or the names in parameters of the contest were not actually fully purchased. So we should be allowed to use them? Especially if the CH said specifically they didn’t want those or any names.

At least this is how I’m understanding it.


There has to be some kind of time limit to this. It cannot be in perpetuity.


No @Edukar. The Creative who submitted the name gets the prize amount and the owner of the domain gets whatever price their domain is set at.


Here is my concern with this new feature. Lets say the CH picks a winner. The creatie gets the prize. But the CH decides not to purchase the domain. What stops them from buying it on the outside market with a tweak,
Ex: Flying Pig.Com mis the winner and they go and buy or etc

Anyone else want to weigh in on this?
@Commulinks @AbleBrands and @grant :slight_smile:


@LisaMac Nothing stops them, but nothing stops them now. They have full view of the marketplace. It’s no different than everyone adding “co” or “get…” on the contests here now since the real domains are gone.


I say that I, as the domain owner and creative, will receive less. Is that incomprehensible? … If I am a domain owner and my domain costs $ 1,200, I will receive $ 1,200, if someone sells my domain, but I will receive only $ 900, if I participate in the contest (payment of $ 300 as the prize amount will deducted from the domain purchase amount). In fact, of course, I will receive the full amount of $ 1,200, but I will lose a lot of time for the coтtest then my participation in the contest will be free. It is necessary to carefully think over this moment once more so that who works more, gets more. And in this situation, it is not profitable for the domain owner to take part in contests.


Please refresh my memory, but didn’t we already try this about a year ago? Where creatives could submit others marketplace names. Not sure why it stopped or if it ever stopped.


I now say an unpopular thing. The domain owner must be prepared for the fact that he will receive less, since the prize of the contest is deducted from the purchase amount of the day. This rule should work too if the domain is offered by other creatives. Many domainers have discounts on domain sales. So, the domainer is ready to receive a smaller amount. The competition fee will be the same discount. Why am I writing about this :? Because the customer, having paid the fee for the competition, will not be ready to pay separately the amount for the purchase of the domain. But if he knows that the competition’s prize is included in the purchase amount, he will rather agree to buy the domain. Domainers must decide for themselves which domains they want to sell under this scheme and which do not. Another thing is important: when others offer your domain in contests, you need to rejoice that your domain will be promoted.


I think I understand what you are saying. You feel contest holders will not be willing to pay out for a contest prize, and then pay full marketplace price as well, correct? I agree, it seems unlikely. I don’t see any other way it could work, though. Applying the “discount” in those cases simply would not work, because the Creatives who listed the names could lose the majority of their commission. I really feel this feature is mainly beneficial to those who enter contests, because it should widen the pool of domains we can submit. The benefit to domainers would be nominal, at best.


There might be some confusion related to this feature so let me explain it with an example:

Let’s say you own a domain that is listed in our marketplace for $1799 at 35% squadhelp commission . If you submit it yourself in a contest (with $200 award), you will receive a total of $1169.35 (65% of $1799) even though the CH pays $1599 to purchase the domain (with the $200 discount).

Now let’s say another creative submits this domain to a contest and wins. The creative will receive $200 award (net $180). Three things can happen regarding the domain:

  • The CH may proceed to buy the domain at the full price of $1799. In that case you will receive $1169.35 as before.
  • It is possible that the CH may ask for a discount. If you approve the full $200 discount, you will receive $1039.35 in that case (about $130 less than previous scenario). In case of creative owned domains, it is entirely up to you whether or not to offer any additional discount.
  • If the CH does not purchase the domain, the domain will continue to be listed for sale in the marketplace (no different than the scenario where the domain wasn’t submitted to the contest in the first place).

So on one hand, it is possible that you may earn slightly less than the original case when you submitted the name yourself, but on the other hand your names can potentially receive significantly higher exposure because many other creatives may submit them on your behalf to contests.

Ultimately, if you are highly active in contests yourself, you can keep this option disabled and maximize your potential earnings by submitting these names yourself.


It seems all the new marketplace features are gears solely towards Creative-owned domains. Are there any plans to improve the experience for Creatives who registered domains through Squadhelp?


@ALDaisy1 Can you elaborate what you meant by this comment? If you consider an actual example, you will notice that this change is even more beneficial to creatives in case of SH registered domains.

Using the same example as before, let’s say your domain selling price is $1799 with 25% creative commission. If you submitted the domain to a contest yourself, your final payout would be $449.25.

If someone else submitted that domain to a contest, that creative will still receive the full contest award. If we still offer an additional $200 discount on the domain, your final payout will be $399.75 instead of $449.25. Despite offering the $200 discount, your net drop in commission would be $50 (the remaining $150 discount is funded by SH in this case). In other words, Squadhelp is funding 75% of the discount offered to a CH in case of SH registered domain.

This change is designed to offer additional opportunities to all marketplace sellers - regardless of the registration method (seller owned or SH registered). At the same time, we believe it creates additional opportunities for creatives who now have access to thousands of premium domains that they can submit to contests.


@Grant Certainly. Your latest example does make it seem more beneficial. The example you gave previously was using a Creative-owned domain, and the way it was worded, it sounded as if, if this feature was enabled, Squadhelp might choose to offer a discount equal to a contest prize on Squadhelp-owned domains, reducing the commission accordingly. Obviously, that would have seriously reduced commissions, since a $300 commission reduction would mean receiving essentially nothing. I understand now that Squadhelp would fund a portion of the discount, and I apologise for misunderstanding.
However, the reason I assumed this feature was simply not an option for Squadhelp-owned domains is because of my experience with other recent updates, like the other seller preferences, which apply exclusively to creative-owned domains. Or the fact that I can set a Squadhelp-owned domain to “make an offer”, but I am not permitted to see when offers are made, unless Squadhelp accepts them. I understand Squadhelp accepts or declines offers, but it would be nice to know when interest is being shown. I have enjoyed selling through the marketplace, but over the past few months, I feel increasingly sidelined, and that is what prompted my question. I did not mean any disrespect.


Lisa, I have won 2 contests with premium domains where the CH never bought the the names. They told SH they were going to use a variation of my name. So the answer is: NOTHING stops them.