new feature "delisted names"


I just noticed that there is a new feature showing delisted names. Interestingly these are names i submitted as unregistered domain and they were rejected by SH. I never delisted them. Now i have a list of rejected and delisted names.

The delisted names shows the listing price and what my commission is. I guess this proves what someone said before that when a name is approved by SH but rejected by a creative, that name will remain rejected even if/when submitted by another creavtive.

@grant please can you shed more light on this?

if indeed these names were approved by SH and rejected by a creative. can these names be relisted by the current owner or new creative who submitted the name?


Thank you for pointing this out. I looked at my list and I have a name on there that won a contest (It was a basic listing) and was transferred to the buyer. I also have names on there that SH was supposed to renew and didn’t (one of those is now for sale for over $2700 by someone else). I know that SH counts delisting against us for future submissions so… it is important that only those we actually delisted appear on that list. (We had them in the marketplace and we delisted them for various reason such as sold somewhere else).


What is the delisted all about? I have 2 names in that category, one says missing dns the other only shows a price.I don’t understand why the one that shows a price is on the delisted? Can you help me figure it out? Thanks!!


I’ve got a right mix of 200+ names on there.

Mostly names that I’ve added to Basic Plus then tried to upgrade (and it was rejected) so I removed the name from SH. I’m actually in the process of upgrading (and removing any rejected) 1,000+ of these now so this list is going to grow massively!

If this is just an administrative list… so that these names are blocked from resubmission by me or someone else in the future to the Premium marketplace, then I get it, thank you, I’d find that really useful. I’m in the process of sorting through 5,000 domains right now and under the current set up, it’s hard to know if I’ve submitted any of them before.

But I’d like clarification that there is no penalties for people who work the way I do.

I also want to move around 100 names from Basic Plus and add them to Basic (these are names that I usually add to SH then email potential buyers and point them to the page). How does this delisting affect me? If I remove them, does that mean I cannot re-add them?

We’ve been told that there may be a penalty from removing names from the Premium marketplace (understandably) but that we can add and remove any names we want to Basic and Basic Plus without penalty as these are not listed in the marketplace. Does this still stand? @grant


Can someone tell me where this new delisted feature may be found? Thanks.


Hi everyone,

The Delisted section was added to show the current status of all the domains that might have been previously submitted by you to SH and are no longer active. Earlier, sellers were not able to see this list, which caused confusion. Now you can do a proper accounting of all the domains that you might have submitted in the past. It is possible that some of the domains may have been set to delisted status by SH if they were manually transferred to the buyers (such as a Basic domain that won a contest).

  1. There are no penalties to remove your Basic or Basic Plus listings at any time.
  2. If you downgrade your domains from Basic Plus to Basic, or vice versa, it does not affect your stats in any way.
  3. If you request a frequent delisting of your premium domains, it can affect your stats, and your future submission limits as well as future approvals.
  4. If your active premium domains are delisted because you failed to point the name servers to SH after they went live or the name was listed for sale outside SH platform while it was still active at SH, it will affect your stats and your future ability to participate in the marketplace.

In the near future, we will be announcing some major changes especially to the Basic or Basic Plus listings, which will be beneficial to sellers. More to come on this in the next 1-2 weeks.


Thank you so much for the clarification @Grant.

You are going to make me sorry I’ve removed so many basic/basic plus names aren’t you? Urrghh, now what? I’ll stop and await the next update I think. Thanks.


@AbleBrands I didn’t even know we could downgrade a name from Basic Plus to Basic. I have to figure out how.

@annoloc - go to your marketplace dashboard. Scroll to where it says “your marketplace listings” Under "Status: you will see the box which defaults to approved premium. But when you click on that, you will see the dropdown menu and “delisted” is one of the choices.

@Marye5 - on your missing DNS one, you need to go to where you bought it and point the DNS to Squadhelp. Then go back to your name and click on the “validate DNS” button under the name. (I think that is what it says). Then on the one that only shows a price, go add the rest of the information for the name: categories, etc.


@Commulinks You can’t downgrade, you have to remove the listing and then re-add it, and when you do that you have to put all of the categories etc in again.


Thank you for your help,much appreciated.



please i have names submitted as unregistered that were rejected by SH. they are currently unregistered. I never delisted them.

Therefore, why are the names on my delisted names?

why are they having premuim prices with commission rates?

when names are approved by SH but rejected by a creative. Does that name remain rejected by SH? (a wild guess tells me some of these names were approved by SH before but terms were rejected by a creative. names got expired, then when i submitted them. system automatically rejected them based on previous rejection by creative and moved to delisted on the new creative markteplace listing)

please am i correct?