New Feature: Boost Your Marketplace Domains


We are pleased to announce a new Beta feature that allows you to boost the ranking of your premium domains in the Marketplace using your SH points.

Here is an article that explains this feature:


Woo hooooo!!! Thank you, SH!!!


I’ve boosted two to try it out, but I must say – a lot of us don’t have thousands upon thousands of points to play with. 500 points for just 7 days for one name, seems a bit steep. On one hand, I understand that this is so it isn’t abused. But, on the other hand, it doesn’t give many options for many of us that have a lot of names yet not hundreds of thousands of points that’s been accumulating for a long time.


@rareworthy I boosted two as well. One does show a fairly good ranking increase, but the other has shown no result at all. I blue-buttoned and asked, and was told it could be that the name was already ranked high and so the boost had not had any significant effect. Both names were ones that have been shortlisted in the past, but I haven’t seen any interest in them this year, so I was surprised by the different results. Personally, I don’t feel it is worth the points, partly because you run the risk of no result, and also because I don’t see any real increase in views or shortlists to correlate with the ranking change. I’m not upset or anything, I’m just taking it as a lesson learned. :slight_smile:


Has anyone had this issue with boosting?:
You “thought” you boosted a name, but the boost info disappears before the week is up and is no longer boosted. I asked SH to tell me if they can see a boost history on one of mine but they can’t… and today I have another one. It is possible that I wrote down that I boosted it and I never actually did… I really don’t have a way of knowing except for the amount of points I had subtracted that day… which I probably should look at.


I would like to know if their are any statistics regarding how the marketplace boost option is affecting sales, i.e. the rate of sales occurring while names are boosted, or in the month following. Maybe even an icon in the sold names showcase beside names that sold during a boost. Just a thought.


I hate to say this, but I’ve boosted several names now. The reason I say I hate to say it, is because I now wish I hadn’t spent all of those points. We don’t seem to accumulate enough points anymore on comparison to all the things we have to use them for. Furthermore, my names may not be the best compared to some of yours but they were approved for premium (so there’s that) and I have boosted several and not seen a big enough change in stats to warrant the use of boosting with how much it costs.

This is a personal opinion, however several of you may share in it. For me, personally, the price is too high, the amount of points we do accrue is too low, and the marketplace is entirely too saturated for the stats to change much on most of MY names. I hope the rest of you do have luck with this feature.

I would like to offer up my personal vote towards the people that have said we should get more points or have a way of earning more in some way. Unless you’re active around the clock, and even then, it doesn’t seem like the supply equals to the demand abilities.


Yes, it’s time to revise the points. It is necessary to make awards multiple 10. For example, participation in the competition - 10, on the right path - 20, Like - 40, Love - 50. And the victory is estimated at 500 points. I believe that the reward for the victory can be comparable to the domain boosting for a week.


Anecdotally, I did have a name sell a week or two after I had boosted it. Of course, there’s no telling whether the boost had anything to do with it or if it was just coincidence.


@Therold congratulations on your sale! Maybe the boost did make a difference. I’ve been boosting names here and there, but I haven’t personally sold a name during or soon after a boost. The marketplace is so large now, I guess it’s just harder to stand out. @rareworthy I think you have some great names listed, including probably my favorite screen name on the platform. Hopefully your turn will come soon. :slight_smile: (And I agree, some new points opportunities would be great).


And here I’m using 8000 points to boost my names JUST NOW. Wish I had read this thread earlier.


@Nick maybe the boosts will work well for you! Boosting many names at once is a smart strategy. Hope you get a good return for your points. :slight_smile:


I have not found boosts to be completely useless. I have, however, had zero results on some of names that I boosted, within the boost week. The trouble is, you never know which one until you try. Pay attention to whether or not you get new shortlists on the names you boost. If you can, let us know how it goes.


So here it is, I boosted 16 names of mine at one shot. For all names the average boost is around ‘4000 positions’ (SH says that and it’s unverified). As I see the premium marketplace has over 60000 names. If my names came up to position 13000th from 17000th (on an average), I assume I 've only wasted my points. Unless the 4000 position jump is in the same category of names, which I think and assume is not the truth.

My credit card points are better, they get me a Whopper Burger meal every month!


My recent experience with the Standard boost feature was completely disappointing. Although I faced similar scenarios once this feature was implemented I gave it another shot a week ago. The result: NONE of 7 days the name was even visible within its category! No matter how tall the position jump was… Just wanted to share.