New Feature Announcement: Contest Holder Ratings

You might have seen star ratings next to the contest holder’s name. We’ve added this feature recently to improve the participation and feedback from contest holder. It also provides an easy mechanisms for contestants to know how engaged the contest holder is before participating in the contest. Here is how these star appear on the contest listing page:

We automatically calculate these stars based upon how active the contest holder is in rating the entries. If their rating stays low, we begin encouraging the contest holder to rate additional entries via notifications and messages on their contest dashboard page, such as this:

We hope these features would drive additional participation. We would love to know your thoughts about this feature, and any suggestions to further improve it.


@Dan- very well explained, (nice to see the CH’s side of it). Maybe you could add a sentence to the suggestion- Something like:

" If you are not seeing satisfying entries, try rewording the brief, or post a comment to the contestants to clarify your needs."

(or similar) to encourage them? Plus, that would add to their stars if they do that. It would be a gentle reminder of how we best work, as well.

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Thanks @whirlwind. Good points. We will incorporate something along these lines into the messaging for Contest holders.